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3D Gaming Summit Announces Sponsors

The Bob Dowling Group and Unicomm announced the first major sponsors for their upcoming 3D Gaming Summit.

According to the statement, NVIDIA, RealD, and Panasonic are committed to the inaugural two-day event, scheduled for April 21-22, 2010 at the Hilton Universal City in Los Angeles, CA. Keynote speakers will be announced shortly for the event which is being presented in association with Variety.

“The 3D Gaming Summit will bring together some of the greatest minds in interactive and traditional media,” says John Gaudiosi, Senior Content Advisor to the Summit and a veteran journalist covering the gaming industry for such outlets as Reuters, AOL Games, Playboy, Wired, GamePro Magazine, Yahoo!, NBC and CBS. “It will be an exciting event where the best and brightest outline how entertainment and gaming are entering a third dimension.”

“As the leading provider of 3D technology for PC-based digital entertainment, NVIDIA is pleased to be an Official Sponsor of this year’s 3D Gaming Summit,” said Phil Eisler, General Manager of 3D Vision technology at NVIDIA. “With movies, photographs, and games ushering in a new era of dimensionalized, immersive entertainment, we are excited about the prospects of new 3D technologies and how they will forever change the way we see and interact with the worlds of our virtual environments.”

“As the 3D platform expands from film to gaming, Variety has broadened its content to cover all bases of this growing sector,” said Linda Buckley Bruno, Publishing Director of Variety. “Exciting changes are occurring across the industry and 3D entertainment is rapidly proving to be one that is shaping the future of the business. Partnering on The 3D Summit allows Variety the opportunity to cement itself at the forefront of 3D entertainment, following, anticipating and analyzing the potential of this virtual space.”

3D Gaming Summit Session Topics will include:

* 3D From Cinema to Games
* How 3D Can Take Advantage of Digital Distribution
* 3D Games Play on the Big Screen
* The First Step
* 3D Games Tap into the Casual Games Market
* The Global 3D Landscape
* Consumer Market Research Trends
* 3D Laptops Introduce the Mainstream to 3D Games and Entertainment
* The 3D Living Room
* The Mobile 3D Landscape
* 3D Opens New Opportunities in the Serious Games Business
* The Future of 3D Games
* Case Study: James Cameron’s Avatar Game

3D Gaming Summit Speakers will include:
Bob Dowling, Co-Producer & Conference Chairman; John Gaudiosi, Senior Content Advisor, 3D Gaming Summit; Matty Rich, Hollywood 3D director and game creator; Ari Arad, producer, Arad Productions (videogame movies); Alex Pham, videogame reporter, LA Times; Dean Takahashi, videogame reporter,; Mark Long, Zombie Studios (game and movie production); Lorne Lanning, head of Oddworld Inhabitants (games and movies); Adrian Askarieh, producer, Prime Universe Productions; Flint Dille, game and Hollywood writer; Josh Wexler, head of Threshold Entertainment; Chris Baker, videogame editor, Wired Magazine; Michael Pachter, videogame analyst, Wedbush Morgan Securities; Ben Bajarin, Creative Strategies; Dr. Jon Peddie, President, Jon Peddie Research; Neil Schneider, President, S3DGA; Michael Cai, VP of Research, Video Games, Interpret, LLC.; Reuben Langdon, actor/producer, Just Cause Productions, Inc.; Mike Hawking, Senior Director, London Studio Group, SonyPlaystation; Gary Brubaker, Deputy Director, Academic Relations, SMU, GuildHall, Game Development Education; Ethan Schur, CMO TDVision Systems Inc, 3D@Home Promotional Chair; Dave Perry, President, Gaikai; Jerry Heneghan, President of Virtual Heroes; Bill Fisher, developer, 3D Military Simulations, QuickSilver Software; Mick Hawking, Senior Director of Sony Studio Group in London; Chris Marlowe, Moderator, Editorial Director, DeMarco Media Group; Mike Action, Engine Director, Insomniac Games; Gordon Bellamy, Senior Producer, Emerging Media, yu-co; Patrick Naud, Executive Producer, Ubisoft; Paul Debevec, USC ICT; Phil Eisler, General Manager, 3D Vision, NVIDIA, Ashu Rege, Senior Director, Content and Technology, NVIDIA, and Andrew Fear, Senior Product Manager, Stereoscopic 3D, NVIDIA.

Additional industry partners include Interpret LLC, Creative Strategies Inc., Jon Peddie Research (JPR), S3DGA (The S-3D Gaming Alliance), International Game Developers Association (IGDA), Digital Entertainment Group (DEG), and Meant to Be Seen).

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