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3D Mobile DTV Demo at CES

The Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC) announced that LG Electronics and Harris Interactive will demonstrate a 3D broadcast to an autostereoscopic (no glasses required) handheld mobile DTV at CES 2011 in Las Vegas.

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Broadcasters and Manufacturers Ready Wide Array of Mobile Digital Television Services and Devices for 2011 Launches

CES 2011 Mobile DTV TechZone Features First 3D and Electronic Coupon Demonstrations, New Assortment of Tablets, Accessories, and Receivers as Results from Consumer Showcase Underscore High Interest in “On-the-Go” TV

2011 International CES

LAS VEGAS–Broadcasters are planning city-by-city rollouts of Mobile Digital Television in 2011 while device manufacturers ready more than two dozen new receivers, tablets, and accessories to meet expected consumer demand for TV channels “on the go.” International CES attendees this week are getting a preview of new products and experiencing Mobile DTV’s astounding capabilities at the CES Mobile DTV TechZone, sponsored by the Open Mobile Video Coalition, and in a variety of exhibition sites throughout Las Vegas as more manufacturers jump on board the Mobile DTV bandwagon.

Local broadcasters are poised to offer a wide variety of viewers’ favorite shows and sporting events, along with real-time news, weather and traffic – an affordable “real TV on the go” experience. With nearly 70 stations already on the air, broadcasters are now upgrading their transmission systems to offer a variety of Mobile DTV channels. A comprehensive listing of broadcasters offering and planning Mobile DTV signals is now available on the “Signal Map” tab of the OMVC web site home page at

In Central Hall (9442 to 9741) at CES, the Mobile DTV TechZone features a wide assortment of new products and technology demonstrations that highlight Mobile DTV’s flexibility and capabilities:

* The world’s first Mobile DTV broadcast of 3D TV to an LG handheld mobile DTV, with no glasses needed for three-dimensional viewing;
* Tivizen with 30-pin connector for the iPad and iPhone, from Valups;
* Winegard’s cioTV, with the industry’s largest display for the automobile;
* New USB receivers from DTVinteractive and Hauppauge Computer Works;
* iPhone Mobile DTV reception and new tablets from Cydle;
* Mobile Digital TV Wi-Fi stations from iMovee and Crestech;
* Mobile Content Venture and the Mobile500 Alliance, Mobile DTV consortia which together represent hundreds of broadcast stations, will demonstrate services and discuss 2011 launch plans for Mobile DTV.

The Mobile DTV TechZone is sponsored by the Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC), whose members own and operate more than 900 TV stations nationwide.

Additionally, new Mobile DTV products will be on display at other exhibitors including RCA, Vizio, Siano, Audiovox, Enspert, and others throughout Las Vegas.

“With broadcasters now announcing their rollout plans for Mobile DTV in cities throughout the country, we’re delighted to see such a rich variety of new consumer products being readied for retail and on display this week at the International CES. Consumers who have tried Mobile DTV in the nation’s capital on a variety of devices agree: it’s great to have your favorite channels, as well as real-time news, weather, and traffic, with you wherever you go,” said Vince Sadusky, Chairman of the OMVC and CEO and President of LIN Media.

Showcase Results Peg High Interest in Mobile DTV

From May through October 2010, OMVC conducted a Consumer Showcase of Mobile DTV technology with nearly 350 consumers getting “hands on” opportunities to use Mobile DTV on prototype cell phones, netbooks, and a new DVD player equipped with Mobile DTV capability. The results were tabulated by market research firms Rentrak (which provided comprehensive Audience Measurement services) and Harris Interactive (which provided Qualitative Research services.)

More than 22,000 comments about the service posted to an online community exclusively for the use of Showcase participants. Among the findings:

* Strong Consumer Interest: The majority of Showcase participants maintained a high level of excitement about Mobile DTV throughout the duration of the Showcase and were interested in continuing to receive the service going forward. While free over-the-air service was a major positive with viewers, nearly half also said they would be at least “somewhat likely” to subscribe to premium services for a monthly fee.
* Live, Local News Ranks Highly: Showcase participants found themselves tuning into their battery-powered Mobile DTV devices when storms knocked out power to their home TVs or when breaking news unfolded while they were on-the-go. Local stations were considered essential to the Mobile DTV viewing experience, but participants also liked having a variety of programming. Data from Rentrak shows more than 30 different program genres were viewed on the 23 available channels.
* Daytime is Primetime: Unlike traditional TV viewing, which is tethered to the living room TV, Mobile DTV viewing tends to peak during the weekday afternoon when consumers can watch their favorite programs while on a break from work or while waiting in line at the supermarket.
* Mobile DTV Means More TV: Showcase research suggests that Mobile DTV will result in a net gain in overall TV consumption. 94% of viewers reported watching more or the same amount of TV as before. The average daily viewer spent 50 minutes watching Mobile DTV and tuned in more than twice during the day. In fact, over a quarter of the people watching on a typical day spent more than an hour viewing their Mobile DTV device.

World’s First 3D Demonstration via Mobile DTV in Las Vegas
At CES, OMVC has coordinated a dozen channels of content from a variety of local and network sources that are being locally transmitted for reception during the show. Additionally, LG Electronics and Harris are demonstrating the world’s first transmission and reception of a 3D broadcast on a 7-inch 3D device that is autostereoscopic – meaning that no glasses are needed to enjoy three-dimensional viewing. LG and Harris are also demonstrating “non-real time” data transmissions to beam electronic coupons from the TV station to a mobile phone equipped with Mobile DTV reception capability.

In addition to cooperation from local broadcasters KLAS, KLVX, KVMY, KCVW, and KBLR, the CES Mobile DTV broadcasts are made possible through the cooperation of a number of technology companies, including Harris, Acrodyne Services, Roundbox, Screen Service, TitanTV, and Triveni.

Companies exhibiting in the Mobile DTV TechZone include consumer device manufacturers LG Electronics, DTVinteractive, Winegard, Valups, Hauppauge Computer Works, Cydle, Crestech, iMovee, and broadcaster consortia Mobile Content Venture and the Mobile500 Alliance (which together represent hundreds of broadcast stations now planning national rollouts.)

Representing over 900 TV stations across the country, the Open Mobile Video Coalition is a voluntary association of television broadcasters whose mission is to accelerate the development of mobile digital television in the United States. The OMVC is composed of 36 members that own and operate over 500 commercial television stations, as well as the Association of Public Television Stations, Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Public Broadcasting Service, which represent an additional 360 public television stations. Membership in the OMVC is open to all U.S.-based television broadcasters.