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3D Movies Rule Box Office

The International 3D Society (I3DS) announced that, according to its latest study, 3D films have generated 33% of total domestic box office revenues since the release of Avatar on December 18, 2010.

According to the statement, the report shows that four films (Clash of the Titans, How to Train Your Dragon, Alice in Wonderland and Avatar) have generated $1.2 billion in domestic ticket sales out of a total $3.587 billion.

I3DS President Jim Chabin remarked, “This is truly remarkable performance in that out of 127 general market films released, just four 3D movies captured 33% of the total dollars so far this year.”

The study, which was prepared for the Society by Exhibitor Relations Inc., showed that 3D Films have been #1 at the box office 10 out of 14 weeks in 2010.

For Alice in Wonderland and How to Train Your Dragon, 3D ticket sales accounted for 65% of total domestic grosses, as well as 80% of Avatar grosses to date.

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