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3D to Revolutionize TV in UAE

LG Electronics announced that, according to a YouGov Siraj survey it commissioned, more than half of the respondents polled in the United Arab Emirates believe 3DTV will dramatically change the future of home entertainment.

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UAE Survey Shows Consumers Believe 3D TV Will Transform Home Entertainment

More than half of the respondents polled in a recent LG Electronics commissioned survey conducted by YouGov Siraj in the UAE, believe 3D TV is going to dramatically change the future of home entertainment.

Of the 764 respondents, 51 percent said 3D TV will revolutionise the way we watch TV, movies and sports at home with more than a third believing 3D TV will also have a positive effect on the adoption of gaming.

“We asked consumer what they considered would be the most important reason for buying a 3D television and of those that responded, more than 65 percent said the ability to be able to watch 3D movies was either important or very important,” said Mr. H.S. Paik, President, LG Electronics Gulf FZE.

Ahead of LG’s launch of its next generation 3D television technology, dubbed CINEMA 3D TV, Mr. Paik said the survey revealed some interesting consumer opinions on 3D TV.

“While people are excited and intrigued at the arrival of 3D TV, comfort is a strong theme throughout the survey,” said Mr. Paik. “UAE consumers are aware that current 3D televisions use ‘shutter-glass’ technology which means viewers have to use cumbersome, rechargeable glasses. They also have concerns that the existing technology can cause dizziness and discomfort if watching TV for extended periods.

“When we asked consumers, if you were to buy a 3D television, what would your decision be based on, more than eighty five percent of the respondents said comfort in terms of seating position, lightweight battery free glasses and clarity of the TV picture were important or very important.

“What the survey highlights is consumers want 3D technology to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience with a clear, non-flickering 3D image.”

The survey was conducted ahead of the launch of LG’s CINEMA 3D TV range in early June, where Mr. Paik says, the region will see a truly revolutionary 3D experience.

“We’re currently planning the regional launch of LG’s next generation 3D TVs, the CINEMA 3D TV range,” said Mr. Paik. “The new range uses LG’s Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) technology which is certified ‘flicker-free’ meaning the viewer experiences a clear, sharp 3D image when wearing LG’s lightweight polarized glasses.

“Reaction from around the world to our new screens has been a resounding ‘Wow’ and we’re very excited about bringing them to the Middle East in June.”

LG’s survey results follow on the back of recent comments made by acclaimed film director, James Cameron, who spoke of his preference for polarized glasses because they would “accelerate adoption of 3D into the home.” Mr. Cameron was speaking at the 2011 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas, USA, and is the mastermind behind Avatar, the 3D movie that earned nearly USD 3 billion worldwide to become the highest grossing movie of all time.