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3D@Home Summit Fast Approaches

The 3D@Home Consortium announced that its 3D User Experience Technical Summit and International 3D Fair is scheduled for September 22-23, 2011 at the Hollywood & Highland Center in Hollywood, CA.

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Unedited press release follows:

3D@Home Announces 3D User Experience Technical Summit and 2011 International 3D Fair in Conjunction with 3D Entertainment Summit®

Hollywood is the Backdrop for this International Conference Highlighting 3D User Experience Research and Its Application to Content Creation

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 10, 2011 — The 3D@Home Consortium’s 3D User Experience Technical Summit (3D-UETS) and International 3D Fair is scheduled for September 22-23, 2011 at the Hollywood & Highland Center, Hollywood, CA. The event is tailored to 3D professionals who seek to understand the physiological impact of 3D and how to take that into account when creating 3D for the large or small screen. The conference is rich with networking opportunities including an industry awards luncheon, and a tour, dinner and networking event at the Sony 3D Technology Center & Sony Pictures Lot.

The conference is co-located with the 4th Annual 3D Entertainment Summit in association with Variety and several other events. The strategic decision to co-locate the events was a combination designed to attract industry representatives and press interested in hearing, learning and seeing the latest developments for both the business and research sides of the 3D eco-system.

“We continue to support the important work that the 3D@Home Consortium is facilitating to shape the future of 3D,” said John Golicz, CEO of Unicomm, co-producer of the 3D Entertainment Summit. “The synergies between our respective events will help drive 3D to new levels in the marketplace.”

3D@Home Consortium has been exploring the topic of defining a great 3D User Experience for the past year through ongoing meetings of its members and quarterly workshops. The 3D-UETS is the next in these workshops designed to share information and knowledge with other groups in the 3D eco-system, including: the vision health community, the vision research academic community, and now, the 3D creation and distribution communities.

“The sharing of this vital information is the foundation of what the 3D@Home Consortium is all about,” stated Heidi Hoffman, managing director of the 3D@Home Consortium. “By co-locating and partnering with the 3D Entertainment Summit, which provides a comprehensive look at the 3D business and markets, we are able to maximize the information and networking opportunities.”

During 3D-UETS, the user experience will be examined from several perspectives, including, signal compression and distribution; specific screen sizes and displays; measurements already conducted; what areas need additional study; the impact of differences in binocular vision; and, how the experience is manipulated and evaluated in post-production.

“The International 3D Fair is an annual event which advances the sharing of human factors information among 3D communities,” stated Rick Dean, chairman of the consortium and senior vice president of THX. “Governments and researchers around the world have put tremendous effort into understanding how to make the 3D experience comfortable for all when experiencing 3D in games, entertainment, education or professional applications. When we share knowledge and test results critical to the advancement of the art, it improves our products and our craft exponentially. We are pleased to host the event this year and look forward to another successful event this September.”

About the 3D@Home Consortium — 3D@Home is a global, not-for-profit membership organization formed to accelerate the adoption of 3D into homes worldwide. The group’s membership list includes large and small multinational companies whose products and services span the 3D eco-system, including, 3D creation and capture, production, post-production, compliance testing, transmission, and 3D display, playback and accessories.

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3D Entertainment Summit® — Now in its fourth year and produced by Unicomm LLC and the Bob Dowling Group, the world’s leading business event on “everything 3D” is bigger and better than ever as it explores the 3D marketplace from all angles. With an expanded international focus and additional programming on broadcast, television and alternate content — this will be the largest and most expansive event to date. The conference covers the biggest 3D drivers including: Theatrical; Creative; Sports; Games; International, Home Entertainment and Convergence. Other events during the week include the 3D Gaming Summit: 3D Gaming and Beyond® in association with Variety, 3D Entertainment Technology Showcase™, LA Mobile Entertainment Summit® in association with Variety, presented by Ortsbo, Insight Media University Technical Seminars and the 3D Film Festival.