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Active Archive Alliance Welcomes Imation

The Active Archive Alliance announced that Imation has joined the organization as a contributing member.

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Unedited press release follows:

Imation Joins Active Archive Alliance

BOULDER, Colo.—October 16, 2012 — The Active Archive Alliance announced today that Imation Corp. (NYSE: IMN), a global scalable storage and data security company, has joined the organization as a contributing member. The Active Archive Alliance (Alliance) is a collaborative industry consortium formed to develop and educate on the evolving technologies that enable high efficiency, indexed and user-searchable file-based access to archived data.

Active archives provide a framework for managing hundreds of terabytes to petabytes of storage by applying an active archive software layer that allows the existing file system to expand over disk and tape library technologies simultaneously.

“Organizations of all sizes across various verticals are experiencing massive digital data growth and need effective storage solutions that are scalable, secure and cost-effective,”  said Bill Schilling, director of scalable storage marketing at Imation. “We are pleased to be a part of this innovative group of storage industry leaders that are helping to advance the use of active archives as a means to achieve affordable and fast online access to archived data.”

Imation Scalable Storage solutions, including those featuring RDX® media, are purpose-built to deliver multi-media, multi-tier, secure data protection and archiving for data-intensive, compliance-driven SMBs. Imation offers cost-effective data backup and archiving solutions with four layers of data storage: active, online, nearline and cloud.

“Imation is a great addition to our growing membership of storage technology providers as they bring a set of solutions that specifically address the SMB market,” said Molly Rector, chairman of the Active Archive Alliance, and executive vice president of product management and worldwide marketing at Spectra Logic. “By using best-of-breed technologies such as those from Imation and other Alliance members, organizations of all sizes can create a customized active archive solution to meet their needs.”

Both Imation and the Alliance will be exhibiting at SNW Fall, October 16-18th in Santa Clara. Imation Scalable Storage will be exhibiting at booth 509 and the Alliance will be exhibiting in booth A5. The Alliance will also be hosting four Hands-On Lab sessions on “Proven Methods to Change Your Cost Model for Big Data Storage.” Information about registering for any of the SNW Hands-On Lab sessions can be found by clicking here.

About The Active Archive Alliance
The Active Archive Alliance is a collaborative industry association dedicated to promoting active archives for simplified, online access to all archived data. Launched in early 2010 by founding technology partners Dell, FileTek, Inc., QStar Technologies, SGI and Spectra Logic Corporation, the Active Archive Alliance is a vendor neutral organization open to leading providers of active archive technologies including file systems, active archive applications, cloud storage, and high density tape and disk storage. Active Archive Alliance members provide active archive solutions, best practices, and industry testimonials so that organizations can achieve fast, online access to all their data in the most cost effective manner. Visit for more information.