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Agenda Set for US FPD Connected Devices Conference

NPD DisplaySearch announced the agenda for its US FPD Connected Devices Conference, which will be held in Santa Clara, CA on March 3-4, 2014.

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NPD DisplaySearch Announces US FPD Connected Devices Conference Agenda

Industry luminaries and NPD DisplaySearch analysts to provide insights into emerging trends in connected flat panel display devices

SANTA CLARA, CALIF., February 7, 2014 — NPD DisplaySearch, the worldwide leader in display market research, today announced the agenda for its US FPD Connected Devices Conference at the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara, Calif. on March 3-4, 2014 from 8 am to 5 pm PST. The theme of this year’s event is “Performance versus Convenience,” which highlights the tradeoff between 4K and other new features, the rise in OLED and other technologies, and trends in usage and adoption of mobile and connected devices.

“U.S. FPD Connected Devices will provide attendees an in-depth view into how the markets for smartphones, tablets, mobile PCs, TVs, and other screens are evolving, including changes coming from the supply chain—particularly in high-performance displays,” said Paul Gagnon, director of North American TV research for NPD DisplaySearch. “By analyzing and comparing device maker developments with consumer insights, this two-day event will illuminate both conflicts and synergies between performance and convenience in connected devices.”

Presentations at the US FPD Connected Devices Conference will include the following:

• Global Flat Panel Display Market and Supply Chain Check-Up: With the rising influence of China in the supply chain and slowing growth in developed regions, companies are scrambling to keep up. Led by NPD DisplaySearch director of North American TV research, Paul Gagnon, this session breaks down the changes with panelists from OEMs and TV brands.

• Industry Economics and New Opportunities for Investment: Learn how the business of making flat panels is changing and how profits and growth are affecting how the FPD supply chain invests and innovates. Speakers from Applied Materials and Corning will participate on the panel.

• 4K – Connecting the Dots: The session will explore how the broadcast standards for 4K are developing, how content creators want to develop the 4K experience, and finally how it can be delivered to consumers’ screens. Speakers from Silicon Image, Joe Kane Productions, VIZIO, Marseille Networks Inc., and Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) are featured.

• Touch and Interactivity Innovation: This session will look at new developments in touch and gesture technologies, how they can be improved, and whether gestures or voice are even needed with TVs. Panelists will include executives from Sentons and ams.

• Advancements in High Performance Displays: Picture quality and performance are always prime attributes in consumer decisions, but this session breaks down some of the latest innovations like higher resolutions, improved color, lower power consumption, and new form factors. Panelists include executives from 3M Optical Systems, QD Vision, Portrait Displays, and Dolby.

• Shifts in the Device Environment: Connected devices can generally be grouped into two categories: those that have been around a while, like TVs and PCs, and those that are recent market introductions, like smartphones and tablets. This session reviews how the incumbent tech categories are performing, the impact of disruptive technologies, and the likely response to stave off that competition. Speakers from LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics America, ARM, Panasonic, Samba TV, Roku, Tivo, and tpn Retail will be featured.

• Consumers and the Digital Display: If consumers are going to adopt new devices with better performance, they’ll need the best presentation at the last step of the buying process. This session, led by Riddhi Patel from NPD DisplaySearch and Stephen Baker from The NPD Group, explains how retailers can maximize profits, deliver the best experience, and influence adoption of 4K and other new technologies.

• New Applications: Wearable and Flexible Displays: The advent of new manufacturing and materials technologies is changing the notion of what a display can be. Are smart glasses going to evolve from the Google Glass concept to something more socially acceptable? Speakers from Martian Watches, Qualcomm, and 4iiii Innovations are featured.

In addition to the conference presentations, there will be opportunities for attendees to ask questions of the speakers, both during sessions and in networking breaks, and to interact with the sponsors at tabletop exhibits.

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