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AGI CD Packaging Certified Green

AGI announced that it has received Industry Green certification for several of its CD packaging products produced at AGI Van de Steeg in the Netherlands.

According to the statement, an audio Digipak and a Softpak were assessed by Julie’s Bicycle, a non-profit company helping the music industry cut its greenhouse gas emissions and verified by the The Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University. Both products were confirmed compliant with the current criteria for Industry Green Category 1 for CD packaging.

AGI’s four panel, single plastic tray product with a 4 – 8 page booklet and shrinkwrap produces less than 400g CO2e2 per unit. This represents almost 70% reduction of CO2e emissions generated during the manufacturing process in comparison to a standard jewel case.

The analysed Softpak, consisting of 4 panels, a single polystyrene tray and a 4 – 16 page booklet shrinkwrapped, is a 100% card product which produces 90-95% less CO2e emissions per unit compared to jewel case with inlay and booklet. AGI has also demonstrated its strong commitment to greenhouse gas emissions reduction and can therefore carry the ig mark under licence on the lower carbon CD packs.

Martin Bril, Managing Director of AGI Van de Steeg commented, “There are many packaging solutions in response to the world’s concern about the climate change impacts of manufacturing. AGI is at the forefront by setting the standard: among the first to receive the Industry Green certification. This is another example of how AGI and its parent company, MeadWestvaco, help our customers deliver their sustainability and overall brand promise to the marketplace.”

Alison Tickell, Director of Julie’s Bicycle adds, “AGI was a pioneer of packaging alternatives to the plastic jewel case over 20 years ago. At that time, the issues were to do with recycling and design; today we know that finding lower carbon options is critical to the future of all our creative endeavours. So we are delighted to certify that AGI’s Digipak® and a Softpak produced at Van de Steeg, Holland, meet Industry Green criteria and can carry the ig mark. We look forward to supporting AGI as they promote these lower carbon products within the music industry.”

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