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AIMMA Elects New President and Board Members

The American Information & Media Management Association (AIMMA) announced that it has elected a new Executive Director/President as well as board of directors and officers.

According to the statement, AIMMA is a senior executive-level organization of independent media manufacturing and service company owners and operators.

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Unedited press release follows:


OCTOBER 11, 2010 — BEDFORD HILLS, NY — The American Information & Media Management Association (AIMMA) has announced the election of a new Executive Director/President and subsequent board of directors and officers. The new leadership was elected at the group’s recent meetings held October 8 & 9 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Michael Weiss, who has served on AIMMA’s board of directors since 2005, has been elected the association’s Executive Director and President. Mr. Weiss has been a member of AIMMA since 2001 and is also the Chief Executive Officer of Video Labs, a Rockville, Maryland, media marketing firm.

Founded in 1987 as the AVDA (American Video Duplication Association), AIMMA is a senior executive-level organization of independent media manufacturing and service company owners and operators. All members manufacture media or provide related services, and the association is inclusive of replicators, duplicators, packaging companies, printers, fulfillment houses, production/postproduction companies and authoring facilities. Membership is open to all North American media management companies regardless of size or medium manufactured/provided.

Two new board members were elected, two appointed, and officers named. New board members, Jad Porter of Design Video Communications (DVC), Ram Nomula of MAM-A and Chris Elmore of International Media Services (IMS), will join serving members Michael Weiss of Video Labs, Dan Redd of Replicopy, Jerry Koerner of Video Services Group (VSG), Max Wyler of Accord Productions and Mary Reeves of Spinergy.

The board elected the following officers:

Executive Director/President: Michael Weiss, Video Labs (Rockville, MD)

Vice President/Programs: Dan Redd, Replicopy (Carrollton, TX)

Board Member & Secretary: Jerry Koerner, VSG (St. Louis, MO)

Board Member: Jad Porter, DVC (Indianapolis, IN)

Board Member: Ram Nomula, MAM-A (Colorado Springs, CO)

Board Member/Membership: Chris Elmore, IMS (Fort Mill, SC)

Board Member/Marketing: Max Wyler, Accord Productions (Miami, FL)

Board Member/Immediate Past President: Mary Reeves, Spinergy (Rochester, NY)

Treasurer: Tom Whitworth, Synchronicity Mastering Services (Salt Lake City, UT)

The recent AIMMA meeting agenda included the association’s business meeting, presentations on digital asset management, encoding and media packaging. In addition, representatives of member company DiscMakers led a marketing training session. Meeting sponsors were Snell, Empress Digital, CShell Packaging Products and EcoDisc.

“This most recent meeting reflected a pattern of growth for AIMMA. With a 35% increase in membership and a meeting inclusive of relevant topics such as marketing, revenue generation, digital asset management and best business practices, AIMMA continues to be the most well-rounded of media-related associations,” stated new AIMMA President Michael Weiss.

The next AIMMA meeting is being planned for April 2011 in the Washington D.C. area.

AIMMA member companies comprise the majority of the non-theatrical replication and duplication capacity in the North American market and related content delivery solutions. The organization was established to advance the interests of the media manufacturing industry and its members through collective advocacy, education and networking.