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Akonia Demos 2.0 Tbit/in2 Holographic Data Storage

Akonia Holographics announced that it has demonstrated the recovery of holographic data recorded at a raw areal density of 2.0 Terabits per square inch.

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Unedited press release follows:

Akonia Holographics Demonstrates Holographic Data Storage at 2.0 Tbit/in2

LONGMONT, CO., Mar. 10, 2015 – Akonia Holographics has demonstrated the recovery of holographic data recorded at a record-breaking raw areal density of 2.0 Terabits per square inch. This represents approximately double the announced densities of the most advanced shipping hard drives, and 15 times the density of Blu-ray BDXL.

To achieve this milestone, Akonia has validated several new breakthrough holographic storage technologies including the new DREDTM photopolymer recording media formulation, dynamic aperture holographic multiplexing, quadrature homodyne detection, and phase quadrature holographic multiplexing. Akonia is now poised to use these exclusive technologies to develop disruptive products that will bring the benefits of holographic data storage to a world struggling to cope with the big data glut.

Unlike legacy data storage based on 2D technologies, Akonia’s holographic recordings are inherently three-dimensional. The 3D physics of holography will provide headroom for many Moore’s-Law density doublings to come. Data are distributed throughout a 1.5 mm thick recording layer in the form of highly stable photopolymer bonds, making them nearly impervious to environmental degradation. These characteristics, along with low media cost and random access capability, will make Akonia’s technology ideal for archival, searchable archival, and cold/cool storage applications.

These latest results were announced at the SPIE Photonics West conference in San Francisco, Feb. 7-12, 2015.

About Akonia:
Akonia Holographics is the world leader in systems and materials for holography. The Akonia holographic data storage prototype has already demonstrated digital data storage densities exceeding those of any other commercial technology, and the Akonia technology roadmap identifies a series of breakthroughs that will sustain Moore’s-Law growth for years to come.

If you are interested in partnering with Akonia to be a part of this revolution, we are currently seeking investment as well as strategic partners.