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Alliance Celebrates One Year with Plasmon

Alliance Storage Technologies (ASTI) announced that, one year later, it is still celebrating its acquisition of Plasmon’s assets, a move that positioned the former as a leader in the long-term data storage industry.

According to the statement, the acquisition, which included the full line of Plasmon Ultra Density Optical (UDO) libraries, drives, media, intellectual property and related parts inventory, has helped ASTI experience a measurable increase in profits this year, and securely repositioned them in the worldwide supply chain and service arena.

“This year has been one of steady growth for us internally, as we built a strong team, and externally, as we reached out to former Plasmon clients, partners and suppliers, to let them know that we’re here and we are doing business, better than ever,” stated Alliance CEO, Chris Carr. “We continue to stand by the commitment that we made to former Plasmon customers by offering not only UDO storage technology, but also maintenance services, technical support and new and improved product lines.”

“Our financial position is strong and our development teams are working to expand our current product applications into additional vertical markets,” states Carr. “In today’s regulatory environment, trusted data storage is a must for companies. UDO technology is designed to meet those requirements across multiple industries. We want to make everyone aware that Alliance Storage Technologies has solutions that can help them, regardless of organizational size or business sector.”

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