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Anwell Signs MOU to Deliver Blu-ray Replication Equipment

Anwell Technologies Limited announced that it has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with a global media manufacturer to deliver a significant number of prerecorded Blu-ray Disc (BD-ROM) manufacturing equipment.

According to the statement, under the MOU, Anwell will develop prototype equipment for BD manufacturing and collaborate with the customer to optimize the manufacturing process targeting for faster cycle time according to customer’s requirement. Upon completion of the optimization process, the customer intends to begin taking delivery of the machines which will stretch over the next three years.

“We are very pleased to sign this MOU with such an established customer and appreciate their confidence in our R&D capabilities,” says Franky Fan, Executive Chairman & CEO of Anwell. “With a potential revenue of over US$100 million upon completion of equipment sales, we are beginning to reap the rewards for the substantial effort we have invested into developing cutting edge BD manufacturing solutions.”

“We have been a market leader to provide manufacturing equipment for recordable media such as DVD-R. This MOU not only brings us meaningful revenue in the next three years, but also marks a milestone of our development in the pre-recorded sector of the industry. It shows the recognition of our technologies by one of the most important media manufacturers. As the acceptance of BD begins to take root worldwide, we hope to gain greater access into the global market and realize our potential in the pre-recorded BD equipment sector.”

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