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ArcSoft Demos SimHD with AMD-Powered ATI Eyefinity

ArcSoft, Inc. announced that, during Computex, it will be showing 4X Blu-ray upscaling with its SimHD, optimized for AMD’s ATI Stream technology, on multiple displays powered by ATI Eyefinity technology from AMD.

According to the statement, SimHD, ArcSoft’s upscaling technology for DVD to near HD, is now able to upscale from Blu-ray to super resolution (4X BD). When paired with ATI Stream-enabled products, SimHD performs faster playback and presents higher quality video to users. Using GPU acceleration technology enables more balanced GPU and CPU usage, allowing more complicated tasks to be run which require demanding calculations, without sacrificing output quality or user experience.

ArcSoft will be running Blu-ray SimHD on multiple displays controlled by ATI Eyefinity technology, the multi-display technology which lets users power up to six displays as if it were one, large display, powered by ATI Radeon graphics.

ArcSoft is also showing off various products that are optimized with ATI Stream technology and UVD technologies at Computex. 3D Plug-in for TotalMedia Theatre 3 Platinum, which is to be announced first week of June, includes Blu-ray 3D support and Sim3D, ArcSoft’s in-house 2D to 3D technology to convert DVD movies into a 3D viewing experience. MediaConverter 4, available for retail today, utilizes ATI Stream technology for accelerating file conversions and direct uploads to social networks.

“We have been working very closely with AMD for the past couple of years. AMD graphics acceleration and UVD are just the beginning of our close collaboration,” said George Tang, ArcSoft Vice President and General Manager of Video and Home Entertainment Group. “In late 2010 and early 2011, we anticipate that ArcSoft products will also be optimized for AMD Fusion™ APU-based platforms, a very innovative next-generation computing solution from AMD.”

“Today’s PC consumers expect a rich, high-definition, digital media experience,” said Manju Hegde, corporate vice president, AMD Fusion Experience Program. “The ability to upscale standard-definition movies to deliver a 3D-like, near HD-quality experience, such as that enabled by ArcSoft’s TotalMedia Theatre 3 and 3D Plug-in, requires a great deal of compute power. When paired with AMD’s GPU compute technology, TotalMedia Theater 3 can make movie-watching on the PC an incredibly vivid and immersive digital media experience.”

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