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ASUS Unveils WAVI Xtion Motion Control for PC

ASUSTeK Computer announced its new WAVI Xtion (way-vee action) wireless media streaming device and motion sensor combination for PC-based gaming and home entertainment.

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Unedited press release follows:

ASUS Reveals the World’s First Motion-Sensing Experience for PC

New ASUS WAVI Xtion redefines PC-based gaming and home entertainment with intuitive gesture input in full high definition

Hannover, Germany (February 28, 2011) —An exciting new approach to PC entertainment on show at CeBIT 2011. WAVI Xtion (pronounced “way-vee action”) comprises two components— the WAVI wireless media streaming device, and the Xtion motion sensor. It streams high definition media wirelessly from a PC located in one room to a TV in another, while infrared gesture-based multimedia playback, games and applications introduce the first ever officially-supported motion-sensing PC interface.

Motion-sensing PC entertainment on big screen TV
WAVI Xtion integrates motion-sensing technology from PrimeSense® with the exclusive ASUS Xtion Portal user interface to bring consumers closer to technology through intuitive interaction with applications. Connections to both PCs and TVs via wireless HDMI (WHDI technology) deliver smooth transfers of high definition content such as movies, games and photos in 5GHz with a range of up to 25 meters.

Software products available on launch include MayaFit Cardio Lite, a motion-sensing fitness training game and BeatBooster™, a multiplayer racing adventure game where users maneuver jet aircraft with their body movements. Enjoying PC games on the living room big screen TV is possible; the proprietary Xtion engine supports the remapping of keyboard controls into motion gestures for a variety of popular third party games.

Online store offers diverse choice
WAVI Xtion enables a wide selection of multimedia content and entertainment applications, working seamlessly with the ASUS @vibe online store* to deliver music, games and apps, all through the cloud.

Xtion Pro developer kit
Developers interested in creating gesture-based PC entertainment content can make use of the ASUS Xtion PRO developer pack, the world’s first professional PC motion-sensing toolset. It opens up new opportunities for cost and time-efficient development of various applications, including games of every genre. ASUS plans to launch the Xtion Pro Developer Challenge in March, with attractive prizes and publishing deals for winning developers. Selected apps will be placed on the ASUS @vibe online store*. Further details available at

*ASUS @vibe integration expected early Q3 2011.

Wireless standard     AMIMON WHDI Technology
Antenna     4 x 5 MIMO
Operating frequency     5GHz
Transmission distance     Up to 25 meters (line of sight)
Tx I/O     1xHDMI input
Rx I/O     1xHDMI output, 2 x USB
Power     DC output: 12V, 2A
Audio     Up to 8-channel 192KHz 24-bit

Operating range     0.8m-3.5m
Field of view (horizontal, vertical, diagonal)     58°, 45° , 70°
Sensor     Depth
Supported platforms     Intel® X86 and AMD®
Supported operating systems     Microsoft Windows® XP, Vista, Windows 7 32-bit
Interface/power     USB2.0

Xtion PRO Developer Kit
Operating range     0.8m-3.5m
Field of view (horizontal, vertical, diagonal)     58°, 45° , 70°
Sensor     Depth
Supported platforms     Intel® X86 and AMD®
Supported operating systems     Microsoft Windows® XP, Vista, Windows 732/64-bit
Linux Ubuntu 10.10:X86,32/64-bit
Interface/power     USB2.0
Programming languages     C++/C# (Windows®)

Product specifications and feature may change without prior notice. Check for further details.