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Audio Development Employs Kodak PCD Writer 600 for CD Testing

Eastman Kodak Company announced that its PCD Writer 600 is now available as the 6X read/write measurement platform for Audio Development’s CD CATS quality control system.

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Unedited press release follows:

High-Performance Kodak PCD Writer 600 Integrated With Audio Development’s CD Quality Control System; Audio Development CD CATS System with KODAK PCD Writer 600 Sets the Standard for High-Speed CD Production Quality Control

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — July 29, 1996 — Kodak, a global leader in optical storage, today announced that its high-performance Kodak PCD writer 600 is now available as the 6X read/write measurement platform for Audio Development’s CD CATS quality control system.

Audio Development is the premier provider of quality control solutions for the compact disc industry. Together, Audio Development and Kodak provide a CD quality control system with reliable production line testing capabilities, which can significantly reduce the number of “products at risk” for quality defects.

Introduced as the industry’s first hex-speed writer, the Kodak PCD writer 600 provides true 6X speed and unique features, such as high reliability, robust and rugged design, and industrial-grade construction. The CD CATS MS6 system integrates the state-of-the-art Kodak PCD writer 600 with Audio Development’s quality control system setting a new standard for high-speed, high-performance compact disc testing.

“This collaboration between Kodak and Audio Development demonstrates that the Kodak PCD writer 600 is a ‘reference quality’ instrument capable of performing advanced tests in a production environment,” said Ron Baker, Worldwide Product Marketing Manager – Writable CD Systems for Kodak. “Audio Development’s breakthrough 6X CD CATS solution significantly increases the speed and quality of compact disc production, which will appeal to large markets, such as government users, CD-ROM manufacturers, and video- and music-on-demand vendors.”

“This strategic alliance with Kodak represents Audio Development’s on going commitment to reference-class products and services,” said Scott A. Gerger, President North American Operations, Audio Development. “We have found the Kodak PCD writer 600 to be an excellent measurement platform. Transformed into the CD CATS MS6 system, we can now offer a unique test solution for reducing the number of products at risk for defects in production environments.”

Reducing Products at Risk for Defects
Traditional compact disc testing is performed “off-line” after a significant number of discs have been produced. Samples are pulled for testing while new disc production continues unabated. Using 1X-speed testing platforms, the test process can take up to an hour. During this period of time, the new discs being produced are at risk for defects. If defects are found in the original sample, a large number of discs are wasted.

Because the Kodak PCD 600 reads and writes a full 74-minute disc (650 MB) in less than 12 minutes — eight minutes faster than the nearest quad speed competitor — it dramatically reduces the amount of time needed for testing. The “hex speed” capability of the Kodak PCD writer 600 makes it ideal for serious CD production environments, where reliability and fast turnaround time are mission critical requirements.

The CD CATS MS6 system with the Kodak PCD writer 600 will be commercially available in the fourth quarter of 1996. CD CATS systems are available directly from Audio Development.

About Audio Development
With a strong commitment to quality and excellence, Audio Development has reached worldwide recognition as the premier provider of powerful quality control solutions for the compact disc industry. The CD CATS product line consists of a complete testing suite, using the latest techniques for measurement and presentation. Company headquarters are based in Malmo, Sweden, with subsidiaries in the United States and Hong Kong.

About Kodak’s Optical Storage Products Division
Optical Storage Products is a division of Eastman Kodak Company, the world’s leader in photographic imaging, as well as digital and applied imaging. Optical Storage Products designs, develops, manufactures, and markets a complete line of 14-inch and compact disc optical storage products. Kodak is a leader in large format optical disc library and CD-R (compact disc recordable) products.

For more information on Kodak’s current optical disc products and media, customers may call 800/EKDISK1 – Information may also be accessed via CompuServe (GO KODAK) or the Internet at