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AudioDev Enhances Blu-ray Stamper Testing

AudioDev announced it is unveiling a new function for its line of CATS BD-testers that enables the system to read the content from Blu-ray Disc prerecorded (BD-ROM) media. The encrypted content can then be fully verified against the BD file structure and video specifications using the ImageAnalysis BD and ImageVerify BD from Eclipse Data Technologies.

According to the statement, the functionality, called Virtual Image Server, runs in the background of the CATS host application allowing the transaction of content at the same time as the operator runs tests. When the CATS test is done, the files required for the format verification has already automatically been transferred to the appropriate network location, ready for verification. During the regular CATS test, the Virtual Image Server communicates with the CATS host application and provides information about critical parameters. In case any critical parameters for the format verification are found to be outside the limits any damaged test area can be retested using the regular re-test function in the CATS software.

The Virtual Image Server can be used for CATS testers for both BD replicas and BD stampers. “When using the Virtual Image Server on a CATS BD-stamper tester, the customer can get the content verified without having to first produce sample discs on dedicated production lines. This saves valuable time and inventory” says Dan Löfgren, product manager for the CATS BD testers at AudioDev.

The system automatically handles stampers for both single and dual layer BD-ROM media, as the content from both stampers are needed to fully verify a dual layer disc. A key component that enables the Virtual Image Server is the ability to test and verify the ROM Mark, the mandatory watermark present on all BD-ROM media. Together with the recently released ROM Mark test function, the CATS BD stamper tester with Virtual Image Server enabled has the capabilities to supply the format testing tool, such as the ImageAnalysis BD and ImageVerify BD from Eclipse, with all the necessary information to fully verify the content.

The Virtual Image Server is available both as an upgrade for existing CATS BD testers on the market as well as an option for new testers. The Virtual Image Server is always included when purchasing a new CATS BD stamper tester.

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