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AudioDev Unveils CATS BD Pro 2x Tester

AudioDev announced it is unveiling its CATS B210 BD Pro 2x, a 2x reference class tester for BD-ROM.

According to the statement, the tester enables the testing of all tracked parameters (including jitter and error correction) at two times BD reference velocity, which, combined with the unique track sweep measurement for open loop parameters, enables true 2x-testing. In addition to the 2x testing functionality, the CATS B210 BD Pro 2x can test at 1x speed with the same level of measurement accuracy as AudioDev’s CATS B100 BD Pro. This gives the tester a unique set of capabilities – 2x testing for production purposes and reference class measurements at 1x speed, using the same tester.

The new CATS B210 BD Pro 2x is based on the latest version of AudioDev’s measurement board, designed with both reference testing at 1x and testing at 2x in mind from the start. The tester is also using the new version of the reference drive from Toptica Photonics, designed for testing at 2x speed as well as capable of tangential tilt compensation. By combining the new measurement board and the Toptica drive, AudioDev has been able to achieve a good correlation between measurements at 1x and measurements at 2x.

“The CATS B210 BD Pro 2x is a perfect solution for customers that want to expand their quality assurance capabilities, and still have measurements results that they can fully trust” says Dan Löfgren, product manager at AudioDev. “Our new 2x-tester will keep up with your increased production speed and shorter cycle times, without sacrificing measurement accuracy” Löfgren concludes.

The new 2x-tester will be shown publicly for the first time at the Media-Tech Expo event in Frankfurt, Germany (May 19-21, 2010).

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