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Avatar Producer Jon Landau at 3D Gaming Summit

The Bob Dowling Group and Unicomm, LLC announced that Jon Landau, producer of Avatar, will be a keynote interview at the first ever 3D Gaming Summit, presented in association with Variety, to be held at the Los Angeles Hilton in Universal City on April 21-22, 2010.

According to the statement, Mr. Dowling will query Mr. Landau on a number of stereoscopic 3D-related topics, including James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game. Other keynotes are Paul W.S. Anderson, director/producer of the Resident Evil film franchise and the director of the upcoming 3D feature film version of Buck Rogers, and Phil Eisler, General Manager of 3D Vision for NVIDIA.

“In addition to helping James Cameron change the future of filmmaking with the Oscar-winning Avatar film,” said veteran gaming industry journalist John Gaudiosi, Senior Content Advisor to the 3D Gaming Summit and co-founder and Editor-In-Chief of videogame syndication service, “Jon Landau was instrumental in working with Cameron and acclaimed game studio Ubisoft Montreal to usher in the first big console game in stereoscopic 3D on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 with James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game. Today, we’re seeing key players in the industry, including Sony Computer Entertainment and NVIDIA, usher in new stereoscopic 3D games, in part, as a result of this groundbreaking work.”

“There is no one better to talk about the seismic shift that 3D has brought to the entertainment sector than Jon Landau,” said Dowling, former editor-in-chief of The Hollywood Reporter and 3D Gaming Summit Co-Producer. “Avatar has been the game-changer of all time, forever altering the way we perceive entertainment across all platforms.”

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