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BDT Licenses RDX Technology from ProStor

ProStor Systems announced that BDT AG has become the latest licensee of ProStor’s RDX Core technology.

According to the statement BDT is a major supplier of tape automation systems to OEMs who resell them under their own brands since 1988. Under the license, BDT will develop and market multi-terabyte data protection systems based on the industry standard RDX removable disk cartridge technology. Using RDX Core, BDT will extend its product portfolio with the introduction of its first RDX-based product.

RDX Core is ProStor’s technology licensing program which enables system manufacturers to develop solutions which tightly integrate RDX technology. With RDX Core, licensees can develop stand-alone solutions or integrate RDX technology into existing systems for applications like storage tiering, data export/transport and offline archiving.

According to IDC’s recently released Market Analysis report entitled “Worldwide Removable Hard Disk Drive 2008-2012 Forecast and Analysis”, removable disk storage solutions, including RDX-based storage systems, are gaining significant momentum, with estimated revenues for data backup growing 1,400 percent from 2008 to 2012.

“RDX’s adoption by major computer systems manufacturers such as Dell, HP and IBM provides ample evidence that this removable disk technology has established itself as an industry standard for server data protection,” said Henry Baltazar, Senior Analyst, Storage & Systems for The 451 Group. “The market is now demanding higher capacity and more scalable data protection solutions which expand RDX from single server protection to backing up customers’ entire networks.”

“The rapid growth of RDX worldwide and its adoption by many of the world’s premiere computer systems companies has created a new market opportunity for BDT to leverage its expertise in removable media automation,” added Dan Jan, President of BDT. “We look forward to developing a new line of multi-terabyte data protection systems based on the RDX Core technology for our growing customer base.”

“BDT represents an important step in the progression of establishing RDX as the de-facto standard in removable disk media technology, with subsystems that can scale to be as large as primary storage,” concludes Steve Georgis, Founder and Vice President of Business Development of ProStor Systems. “The continuing widespread adoption from the manufacturing and enduser communities validates RDX’s inherent benefits of speed, instant access and the reliability of disk, with the ruggedness, removability and offsite storage capabilities of tape for data protection, retention and restores applications.”

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