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Bit Cauldron and EStar Cooperate on 3D Glasses

Bit Cauldron announced that it is working with Shenzhen EStar DisplayTech on the development of active shutter 3D glasses.

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Unedited press release follows:

Shenzhen EStar DisplayTech Co. and Bit Cauldron Corporation Enter 3D Glasses Agreement

Agreement will enable EStar to offer 3D Shutter Glasses incorporating RF Technology from Bit Cauldron; Bit Cauldron will support EStar’s infrared signaling technology. Agreement will combine world-class RF and manufacturing capabilities that will improve the 3D shutter glasses value-proposition for 3DTV viewers around the globe.

TAMPA, Fla.–Bit Cauldron Corporation of Tampa, Florida and Shenzhen EStar DisplayTech Co. of China announce a partnership to cooperate on the development of 3D glasses. Under the agreement, EStar will license Bit Cauldron’s patent pending technology and incorporate Bit Cauldron’s 3D Heartbeat synchronization software into EStar 3D shutter glasses. Bit Cauldron will begin supporting EStar’s infrared protocol for 3D shutter glasses in its infrared to RF repeaters and emitters.

Bit Cauldron’s 3D Heartbeat radio-frequency (RF) synchronization technology provides robust communications at farther ranges than infrared light. Bit Cauldron technology allows for precise synchronization of 3D shutter glasses using almost any radio. Bit Cauldron offers products based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard and is a participating member in the ZigBee Alliance. “China has a growing domestic demand for premium-class 3D television. EStar is pleased to be able to offer our customers a premium-class synchronization technology,” said Makoo Liu, Chairman and General Manager of EStar.

The EStar infrared protocol will be offered in both new repeaters and as a software upgrade for select existing repeaters. EStar anticipates widespread adoption of its infrared protocol throughout China and recently submitted the protocol to the Consumer Electronics Association’s R4 standardization effort. Both Bit Cauldron and EStar are participating in the Consumer Electronics Association standard. “EStar products are an excellent value for customers in all international markets. We are honored to contribute to US standards development and to enable Bit Cauldron with our technology to expand both companies’ value proposition for customers in every country,” said Liu.

EStar MagicEye 3D Shutter glasses ESG100 can be used to view 3D images and synchronized with compatible LCD displays. ESG100 is equipped with three kinds of nose clips, has excellent fit, and feels comfortable to many users.

About EStar
Shenzhen EStar DisplayTech Co., established in 2004, is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of the virtual display products, including video eyewear, eyewear TVs, 3D cinemas, and other products. The high-tech company specializes in developing and manufacturing virtual visual display technology and portable digital video. Enjoy your 3D media programs with others using EStar shutter glasses, or view confidential or private material without any disturbance from the surrounding while enjoying your multimedia entertainment on EStar personal video glasses. For more information contact or visit

About Bit Cauldron
Bit Cauldron Corporation, established in 2009, is an embedded software company dedicated to filling critical gaps in the 3D consumer electronics ecosystem. For more information, visit or email