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Bit Cauldron Inks Deal with Optoma

Bit Cauldron announced that Optoma Corporation has licensed software from the company and incorporated it into Optoma’s 3D-RF line of 3D active shutter glasses.

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Optoma Licenses Bit Cauldron Technology for New Optoma 3D-RF Glasses and Emitter System Demonstrated at IFA Hall 7.2A Booth 102

Optoma 3D-RF Glasses and Emitter System Use Radio Frequency (RF) Signals to Keep the Glasses Working Perfectly When You Turn Your Head Away from the Projector, Even from 150 Feet Away, and Are Available with Optoma’s New Line of 3D Projectors
IFA 2011
Hall 7.2A Booth 102

TAMPA, Fla. & BERLIN–Bit Cauldron today announced that Optoma Corporation has licensed software from Bit Cauldron and incorporated it into the Optoma 3D-RF line of high reliability and high quality radio frequency 3D active shutter glasses that is now shipping.

Optoma is demonstrating the new 3D-RF glasses for professional, home theater and PC gaming applications at IFA 2011 at Optoma’s exhibit in Hall 7.2A Booth 102.

The 3D-RF glasses are supported by Optoma’s new projectors, including the HD83, HD33, HD300X, and GT750. The 3D-RF emitter is attached to the projector once at setup and then the user wears the 3D-RF glasses. The 3D-RF emitter and glasses are available together in a kit as a system. The 3D-RF glasses are also available individually. The HD33 includes the 3D-RF emitter. The GT750-XL is the GT750 projector with a 3D-RF emitter included.

The Optoma ThemeScene series is designed for smooth and subtle high-end home theater projection. The newest model in the ThemeScene series, the HD83, brings an outstanding big-screen experience into your own home. In addition to offering sensational picture quality in 2D mode, the HD83 is the first ThemeScene projector with Full 3D capability in Full 3D 1080p resolution. A true cinematic experience is revealed when this 3D projector brings to life a large screen that fills the full perspective of the viewer.

The new Optoma HD33 makes 3D cinema living room ready. The HD33 has a suggested retail price of 1499 Euro, the first 3D home theater projector with this brilliant Full 3D 1080p resolution in this price class. At this incredibly low price the Optoma HD33 offers a unique projector with Full HD resolution and support for all 3D formats. The new HD33 delivers on the promise of impressive and compelling 3D entertainment.

The new Optoma HD300X 3D projector is ideal for all home theater and gaming enthusiasts. With its Full 3D 1080p resolution, it projects captivating and stunning images and supports all 3D formats for the full cinematic experience of a big screen. With a suggested retail price of only 1399 Euro, Optoma sets a new standard in 3D entertainment.

Optoma’s Deputy General Manager for EMEA Marketing Paul Gain said, “To immerse yourself in a unique 3D experience, you need a projector that can fill the full angle of view, and the HD300X delivers. Even on large screens where other projectors cannot keep up, this Full 3D 1080p projector is alive with brilliance and immense excitement. Furthermore, through the use of 3D DLP technology and extremely accurate 3D-RF glasses synchronization, ‘ghosting’ is no longer an issue. All of this comes together to deliver the great 3D movie, gaming, and entertainment offerings that we believe in at Optoma, and that the team believes in at Bit Cauldron.”

Optoma’s GT750 3D Home Cinema Projector is the first to integrate the full 3D support of the award-winning Optoma 3D-XL converter box into an entry-level projector. The Optoma 3D-XL converter box enables 3D ready projectors including the Optoma HD66 and HD67 to connect to 3D Blu-ray players and the 3D-RF emitter and glasses system.

The GT750 projects 3D images with masterful detail, whether from a television signal or video game, and creates an immersive 3D experience. Compatible with the broadcast signal for Sky 3D, 3D Blu-ray players and 3D game consoles like the Sony® PS3 and Microsoft Xbox®, the GT750 provides integrated 3D-XL technology for the perfect connection with any 3D source.

Each of these Optoma projectors continues to support DLP Link glasses while also enabling 3D-RF. The RF technology that Optoma has licensed from Bit Cauldron makes the 3D-RF glasses superior to glasses that rely on infrared signals from an emitter because the RF signal is not interrupted when the line of site is broken, allowing the user to look away from the screen without the glasses turning off. The glasses work up to 150 feet away from the emitter with no line of sight requirement, eliminating the awkward placement and aiming required of infrared emitters and enabling reliable operation even if the emitter is covered or moved slightly.

Bit Cauldron’s precise RF synchronization technology has enabled Optoma’s engineers to precisely match the timing of the glasses to each projector to optimize brightness and contrast and to maximize the 3D image quality. The matching information also eliminated the possibility of having left and right eyes switch images during 3D viewing because of glasses synchronization signal confusion, as can happen with infrared glasses. When used with an Optoma projector, glasses from other manufacturers that also incorporate Bit Cauldron technology will change their behavior to match to the Optoma projector. Up to one thousand pairs of glasses can be simultaneously synchronized to one projector, even with another similar configuration in a nearby area.

The 3D-RF glasses also have some of the largest lenses in the industry so that they can fit over a variety of faces, even if the user is wearing them over prescription eyeglasses. The new glasses are fully rechargeable with an ordinary Micro USB cable and they can perform over 60 hours of operation with each charge.

The glasses are capable of operating at any refresh rate from 50 to 240 Hz to support potential future increases in refresh rates and international standards. The Optoma 3D-RF glasses incorporate software from Bit Cauldron Corporation which is also designed to be field upgradeable to the upcoming ZigBee 3D Sync Standard for 3D glasses.

About Bit Cauldron
Bit Cauldron Corporation is a consumer electronics software company in Gainesville, Florida, dedicated to filling critical gaps in the 3D ecosystem. For more information, visit or email

About Optoma
Optoma is a world leading designer and manufacturer of award-winning projectors for Business, Education, Professional Audio/Video and Home Entertainment, with comprehensive ranges to exceed the expectations of every user.

Optoma’s innovative products are carefully crafted to deliver crystal clear images of unrivalled quality by incorporating the latest DLP® technology from Texas Instruments, together with advanced optical engineering expertise and dedication to superb product quality,

Optoma has a special approach to customer service. Full product and technical support are available through our extensive network of resellers and distributors. Where Optoma is different is that projector users can call us directly to discuss any concerns.

The Optoma Group has continental headquarters in Europe, the USA and Asia; whilst Optoma Europe Ltd, based in London, covers Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), delivering local services from regional offices in Germany, France and Norway.