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BLOCKBUSTER Express Expands Across Tennessee and Kentucky

NCR Corporation announced the expansion of BLOCKBUSTER Express-branded DVD kiosks across Tennessee and Kentucky to nearly 100 Daily’s Convenience Stores.

According to the statement, “our customers choose Daily’s for the quality and convenient retail experience we aim to provide through our friendly atmosphere and broad selection of products and services,” said Steve Hostetter CEO/COO of Daily’s Convenience Stores. “NCR’s BLOCKBUSTER Express-branded DVD kiosks are a great complementary addition to the products and services we already offer.”

“The rapidly increasing selection of BLOCKBUSTER Express kiosks throughout Tennessee and Kentucky means consumers have the convenience of picking up their favorite entertainment titles alongside their everyday purchases, no matter where they prefer to shop, and return the title at the location of their choice,” said Alex Camara, vice president and general manager, NCR Entertainment. “Through conveniently-located BLOCKBUSTER Express kiosks, Daily’s Convenience Stores is improving the everyday shopping experience of its customers.”

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