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BLOCKBUSTER Express Heads for Texas

NCR Corporation announced the first major introduction of BLOCKBUSTER Express-branded DVD-rental kiosks in Texas through the replacement of kiosks at 105 Tom Thumb and Randalls stores in Dallas, Houston and Austin.

According to the statement, BLOCKBUSTER Express kiosks have already been deployed in some area locations. Tom Thumb and Randalls stores will receive their BLOCKBUSTER Express kiosk by the end of May. NCR announced plans to replace existing DVDPlay-branded kiosks with BLOCKBUSTER Express units when it acquired DVDPlay in December 2009.

“We are committed to providing our customers and local communities with value when they visit our stores,” said Connie Yates, Director of Public Affairs for Tom Thumb/Randalls. “We are thrilled to bring an even better experience with the newest releases, a greater selection of DVD titles, and later return times through the BLOCKBUSTER Express experience.”

“Randalls and Tom Thumb customers in Texas will now be able to experience the vast selection of entertainment titles that are available for just $1 per night through BLOCKBUSTER Express,” said Alex Camara, vice president and general manager, NCR Entertainment. “Grocery chains across the country are finding the addition of conveniently-located BLOCKBUSTER Express kiosks provides great benefit to customers, allowing them to pick up entertainment along with their everyday purchases.”

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