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Blu-ray and Digital Fail to Offset Declining DVD Sales

Strategy Analytics announced that the global home video market is poised to see further declines in the years ahead.

According to the statement, global revenue from sales of DVDs and Blu-ray Discs declined more than 4% in 2009 (to $35.7 billion) and is set for another 2% drop in 2010. At the same time digital distribution channels for home video entertainment aren’t developing fast enough to offset the decline in packaged media formats.

The total packaged media market, including both retail and rental of DVDs and Blu-ray, is projected to decline 3% in 2010 (to $53.3 billion) and by 12.6% (to $48.1 billion) by 2013.

Global DVD and Blu-ray Disc Market
($US Billion)

  2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
DVD Retail $32.6 $28.6 $24.5 $20.2 $16.2
DVD Rental $18.2 $15.9 $13.1 $10.4 $7.9
BD Retail $3.1 $6.5 $10.3 $14.5 $18.1
BD Rental $1.2 $2.4 $3.6 $4.8 $5.8
TOTAL $55.0 $53.4 $51.6 $50.0 $48.1

“The future of the home entertainment market is within digital distribution of home video,” said Martin Olausson, Director of Digital Media Research at Strategy Analytics. “We believe the Hollywood studios now need to increase their focus and resource allocation to digital distribution as fast as possible, or face the consequences of a stagnating market in the coming years.”

“This stagnation in the home video market is principally supply-side driven,” added Kevin Nolan, VP of User Experience Research at Strategy Analytics. “Our advanced user experience research on early adopters of digital media services, undertaken by our Digital Home Observatory service, suggests that early adopters are almost universally consuming more content now than they did before they started using digital media services.”

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