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Blu-ray Disc Player Sales Set to Soar in Europe

The European Information Technology Observatory (EITO) announced that sales of Blu-ray Disc (BD) players in Europe are set to reach a new record high in 2010.

According to the statement, around 4.6 million units will be sold in EU member states, more than doubling the previous figure (+110%). EITO predicts that sales of Blu-ray players will rise by 49% to 770 million euros and believes that the upward trend will continue into 2011.

“The Blu-ray disc is well on its way to replacing the DVD. Many consumers already have HD-capable flatscreen TVs and now want to reap the full benefits of the technology,” says EITO chairman Bruno Lamborghini.

Falling prices for the players continue to favour buyers in the EU. EITO’s research suggests that average prices will hover at around 166 euros in the EU in 2010, a fall of 29%. While prices in Germany and France, at an average 170 euros, are slightly above the EU-wide figure, buyers in Italy and Spain pay a good deal less, with average price tags at the 150-euro level.

The largest sales markets in Europe are Germany and the UK, which together account for almost half of all sales in the union. In Germany, sales are set to double in 2010, up 105% to 1.1 million units, worth around 183 million euros, a plus of 59%. In the UK, sales have risen similarly to 1.1 million units, a jump of 87%, netting 190 million euros (+57%). The French market follows with 700,000 units, and sales up 84% to 119 million euros. EITO forecasts that sales will double in Italy, climbing 61% to 42 million euros. The currently low figure in Spain, meanwhile, looks likely to rise by 89% to 100,000 units. Sales there should increase by 18% to 15 million euros.

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