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BluFocus Launches 3D Laboratory

BluFocus Inc. announced the launch of its 3D-Focus Laboratory, which will provide services in the areas of 3D testing, certification, consulting. It will also offer a THX Certified High Performance 3D demonstration and testing environment for device manufacturers, content owners and producers to use as needed during their production process.

According to the statement, BluFocus’ 3D-Focus Lab will also be an advocate for collaboration amongst technology experts and hold a webinar sponsored by MESA, THX and 3D@Home Consortium, on March 4, 2010 at 11am PST called “3D-Focus Part 1: 3D for Blu-ray” which will be an introduction to the 3D Technology in the areas of encoding, authoring, equipment, accessories and more. The goal is to promote collaboration and awareness of key companies within 3D so content owners, producers and developers know who they can go to for assistance. It also aims to provide a forum for attendees to ask questions and learn more.

The BluFocus and THX 3D-Focus Lab will work with its partners and clients to test, certify and create processes and workflows that are beneficial to all parties involved in the production of 3D content to ensure that the end product is of quality for the end-user to fully enjoy.

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