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Broadcasters and Pay-TV Operators Dabble in 3D

IMS Research announced that by the end of 2010 over 50 broadcasters and pay-TV operators will offer 3D services to the home.

According to the statement, IMS’ latest survey of broadcasters and operators published in its study “3D Video & Gaming in the Home” reveals that 75% of the companies surveyed plan to test or offer 3D over the next 18 months, out of which 20% have already launched 3D in some capacity.

Anna Hunt, principal analyst at IMS Research, states, “Although right now there are only a few select operators and networks that have the resources to create and deliver a compelling 3D offering, most leading service providers and broadcasters around the world are considering how to enhance their premium offerings by incorporating 3D.”

Hunt adds, “Increased adoption of 3D TV sets into homes will further propel investment in 3D content production. Currently, low penetration of 3D-capable displays in consumers’ homes is a leading concern of surveyed service providers, followed by lack of standardized 3D formats.” IMS Research forecasts that by the end of 2014, 9% of worldwide TV households will have a 3D TV set. Penetration is expected to be much higher in the US, where 40% of TV homes at the end of 2014 are forecast to have a 3D TV.

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