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Budco Joins DiscMail Direct Coalition

Budco announced that it is now an affiliate member of the DiscMail Direct Coalition (DMDC).

According to the statement, the DMDC’s primary objective is to create a new category of disc-based mail and to educate marketers, ad agencies and brand managers about the latest technology advancements and response rates often achieved when DVDs, Blu-ray and CDs are used as complementary direct mail mediums to print and online marketing.

“Budco has been supporting the use of optical-based media through client specific initiatives for years so we are excited to become a member of the DiscMail Direct Coalition,” remarked Budco’s Vice President of Marketing and Product Development Jeff Sierra. “With advancements like the ability to add personalized, variable content, optical discs have become another powerful tool to deliver relevant marketing communications to targeted audiences. Since Budco has a great deal of experience designing and executing effective multichannel fulfillment and direct marketing initiatives, we are confident we can add value to the coalition.”

In cooperation with the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), the DMDC is launching the industry’s first optical media direct mail research study and will help marketers learn about the features of this unique physical/digital direct media product that combines the benefits of print messaging with an interactive, Web-enabled consumer experience.

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