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Calimetrics Teases Double Capacity DVD-9 Discs

Calimetrics, Inc. announced that it has demonstrated the commercial viability of its MultiLevel (ML) recording technology to double the capacity of DVD-ROM dual-layer discs.

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Calimetrics Demonstrates Commercial Viability of ML Technology To Double Capacity of a Dual-Layer DVD-9

Proven Concept Can Speed Market Availability of High-Definition Video On Secure Read-Only DVD Discs

ALAMEDA, Calif. — June 9, 2003 — Calimetrics, Inc., the emerging leader in data storage semiconductor and high-density optical media technologies, today announced it has demonstrated the commercial viability of its ML(TM) (MultiLevel) recording technology to double the capacity of dual-layer DVD read-only discs (DVD-9) with sufficient transfer rate to provide a cost-effective path to extend DVD to next-generation high-definition (HD) video and interactive games.

Calimetrics developed “ML HD-DVD” discs using industry-standard DVD mastering and replication equipment currently utilized in a large-scale manufacturing operation. This demonstrates that ML HD-DVD is commercially viable and can be implemented in a high-volume production environment with no major changes to manufacturing infrastructure. The discs were tested and proven to meet DVD-9 standards for data integrity under specified stress conditions.

“ML HD-DVD provides the consumer electronics and digital entertainment industries with a fast-track route to delivering high-definition content, without the major capital investments required by alternatives using blue lasers,” said Ken Campbell, president and CEO of Calimetrics. “The results of our demonstration program prove that ML HD-DVD discs can be manufactured on standard production lines and can be read using commercial off-the-shelf optics.”

For consumer electronics manufacturers, ML HD-DVD provides a cost-effective new product opportunity. Calimetrics has developed proprietary ML codes and error correction algorithms for implementation in a single integrated circuit (chip) to add HD capability to DVD players. With ML HD-DVD technology incorporated into the electronics of an existing DVD system, consumer electronics makers can offer the market high-definition video players without any changes to the optics and mechanics of a standard DVD player. Thus, HD-capable DVD video players that also read existing DVD libraries can be built using currently available components. Proposed blue laser-based systems for with HD capability will require two lasers, adding to both complexity and cost.

In addition, ML technology provides content owners with an unsurpassed protection system. The proprietary ML format provides flexibility, revocability and multiple levels of security that can be tailored by content owners for their specific applications.

“As more and more consumers use DVDs, the demand for more capacity only increases. ML technology is a cost-effective means for manufacturers to extend the capabilities and life of their existing product lines and create interesting new consumer electronics devices,” said John Freeman, president of Strategic Marketing Decisions. “Manufacturers need to offer high capacity at consumer prices today. ML technology is the right solution to meet the cost objectives of the market.”

About ML Technology
Calimetrics’ patented ML technology is the only way to significantly increase the capacity and performance of optical media storage, including CD and DVD, at minimal incremental cost while ensuring backward and forward compatibility. ML technology improves capacity and performance by encoding significantly more information in a mark or pit location. ML recording increases disc capacity at the fundamental physical layer and adds to other improvements, such as video compression. Implementing the technology requires the addition of a single integrated circuit (IC) to the standard electronics of current optical drives, so manufacturers can add ML recording capability without altering existing optics, mechanics, or manufacturing infrastructure. ML discs, which incorporate enhancements to increase the available storage capacity compared to current technology, maintain the low cost base of conventional discs. ML technology is also compatible with anticipated future improvements in laser-based recording technologies.

For a technical report on ML technology, or for further information about integrating ML technology into optical disc drive systems, please contact Tom Burke at Calimetrics: or +1-510-864-4100 x106.

About Calimetrics
Calimetrics, Inc. develops enabling technology for the future of optical media storage in the consumer electronics, desktop, and enterprise markets. Incorporated in 1994 and headquartered in Alameda, California, Calimetrics is backed by venture capital and corporate investors including TDK, Sanyo, Matsushita Kotobuki Electronics, and Mitsubishi Chemical, as well as supported by the Advanced Technology Program of NIST, part of the U.S. Department of Commerce. For further information, please see: