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Canada Welcomes 2012 Panasonic LED LCD HDTVs

Panasonic Canada announced its 2012 Smart VIERA line-up of LED LCD HDTVs.

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Unedited press release follows:


New Larger Screen Sizes, Focus on LED, Augmented VIERA Connect™ and Continual Technology Improvements Cement Panasonic’s Total Commitment to Smart VIERA LED LCD HDTVs

MISSISSAUGA, ON (March 21, 2012) – Panasonic Canada Inc. today announced its 2012 Smart VIERA line-up of LED LCD HDTVs which delivers on the company’s five defining elements of IPTV lifestyle: picture quality, networking, easy operation, design and eco. With larger screen sizes, including 47-inch and 55-inch 3D LED LCDs, all 16 models incorporate LED HDTV-based technology and adhere to Panasonic’s long standing focus on providing products that consumers request.

The 2012 line-up continues to benefit from the addition of the IPS LED LCD Panel (In Plane Switching) technology which delivers a wide viewing angle with almost no picture degradation at off-angle viewing, a super high speed of up to 1,920 Backlight Scanning for higher moving- picture resolution during fast action scenes. The high performance, high speed, high transmittance panel materials also contribute to the wide viewing angle, high contrast performance and fast response time, which in turn dramatically reduces artifacts and 3D crosstalk.

VIERA Connect1, Panasonic’s proprietary internet functionality is integrated into 10 of the new models with a new robust platform that provides easy access to such sites as Netflix, Facebook, CinemaNow, Skype, Ustream, sports sites – MLB, NHL, Fox Sports, gaming and health and wellness sites, news services AP and WSJ BigFlix and YuppTV for high-quality Indian movies and TV channels.

Panasonic continues its commitment to producing HDTVs that are mindful of the environment. The new and improved high efficient LED LCD Panels reduce targeted power consumption up to approximately 25 percent over last year’s models.

“Panasonic’s priority is to provide the consumer with the highest quality entertainment options that fit with their lifestyle,” said Barry Murray, Director of Marketing, Panasonic A/V Entertainment. “By listening to the consumer we have produced products that meet their needs, from wide viewing angles, to eco-efficiencies, across a broad range of screen sizes. This is precisely why Panasonic’s2012 lineup features increased screen sizes, reduced power consumption, as well as three TVs that use polarized 3D technology.”

WT50 Series
The state of the art design, WT50 LED series marks the debut of the two new, larger screen sizes, the TC-L47WT50, 47-inch class (47 inches measured diagonally) and the TC-L55WT50, 55-inch class (54.5 inches measured diagonally). The ENERGY STAR* certified WT50 HDTVs feature:
• The progressive FULL HD 3D, IPS LED LCD Panel with Smart VIERA Engine Pro
• Super High Speed 1920 Backlight Scanning for higher moving picture resolution during fast action scenes, and a smooth, crisp image
• 1080p resolution, ISFccc; VIERA Connect with built-in WiFi and Web Browser
• A new Clear Panel Pro to enhance contrast levels and Super-Narrow Metal Frame with Crescent Stand; 2D → 3D conversion
• Social Networking TV function to allow users to access social network sites while simultaneously watching TV
• Multitasking feature to switch between apps
• 3D Real Sound with 8-Train Speakers, providing an immersive sound experience
• Media Player for viewing digital images and HD video recorded on a SD Memory Card
• VIERA Touch Pad Controller included
• Four HDMI terminals and three USB ports, and a newly designed swivel crescent stand.

DT50 Series
Continuing Panasonic’s move to larger LED screen sizes, the DT50 series, which provides Smart VIERA TV experience, includes two ENERGY STAR* certified models, the TC-L47DT50, 47-inch class (47 inches measured diagonally)and the TC-L55DT50, 55-inch class (54.5 inches measured diagonally). The DT50 series features:
• Progressive FULL HD 3D, IPS LED LCD Panel, Super High Speed 1920 Backlight Scanning for higher moving-picture resolution during fast action scenes and a smooth, crisp image
• VIERA Connect with built-in WiFi and Web Browser
• A new Narrow Metal Frame
• 1080p resolution; 2D → 3D conversion
• Social Networking TV function
• 3D Real Sound with 8-Train Speakers
• Media Player
• Four HDMI terminals
• Three USB ports and a newly-designed swivel crescent stand

ET5 Series
The three models that comprise the ET5 series feature polarized 3D, IPS LED LCD Panel. The TC-L42ET5, 42-inch class (42-inches measured diagonally), TC-L47ET5, 47-inch class (47 -inches measured diagonally); and TC-L55ET5, 55-inch class (54.6-inches measured diagonally) feature:
• Clear panel and crystal frame design
• The IPS LED panel
• 360 Backlight Scanning for higher moving picture resolution during fast action scenes, and a smooth, crisp image
• VIERA Connect with built-in WiFi and Web Browser
• 2D → 3D conversion
• Social Networking TV function
• Media Player
• Four HDMI and two USB terminals and a PC input.
• Furthermore, each of the ET5s comes with 4 sets of polarized 3D eyewear. The ET5 series is also ENERGY STAR* certified.

E50 Series
The ENERGY STAR* certified E50 series features the IPS LED LCD Panel, a slim design and brilliant picture and is available in three screen sizes, TC-L42E50, 42 -inch class (42 -inches measured diagonally); TC-L47E50, 47 -inch class (47 -inches measured diagonally); and TC-L55E50, 55 -inch class (54.6 -inches measured diagonally). E50 Series features include:
• 360 Backlight Scanning for higher moving picture resolution during fast action scenes, and a smooth, crisp image
• 1080p resolution
• VIERA Connect
• Social Networking TV function
• A PC input, four HDMI terminals and two USB ports
• Wi-Fi ready and
• 24p Smooth Film
• Clear Panel

E5 Series
There are four LED HDTVs included in the E5 series. The TC-L32E5, 32-inch class (31.5 inches measured diagonally), TC-L37E5, 37-inch class (36.5 inches measured diagonally), TC-L42E5-inch class (42 -inches measured diagonally) and TC-L47E5-inch class (47-inches measured diagonally) are Wi-Fi ready and both are ENERGY STAR* certified. The 37” and 42” models feature 180 backlight scanning high moving-picture resolution. Features of the four E5 models include:
• IPS LED LCD Panel with 1080p resolution
• An online movie service that provides select Panasonic’s Easy IPTV functionality by adding two of the most popular movies to the TV’s internet functionality, including Netflix
• Four HDMI terminals, two USB ports and a PC input

X5 Series
The TC-L32X5, 32-inch class (31.5 inches measured diagonally) is a 720p IPS LED LCD Panel and ENERGY STAR certified*. The X5 series features: Media Player with SD Card and USB playback; three HDMI terminals, one USB port and a PC input. The X5 series also offers TC-L24X5, 1080p LED LCD Panel, 24-inch class (23.6 inches measured diagonally) featuring USB playback; one HDMI terminal; one USB, a PC input and Game Mode.

1Access to a broadband internet connection is required to access VIERA Connect features. There is no fee to use the VIERA Connect functionality however some services have a separate fee structure to view movies and sports events and certain apps available via VIERA Connect market require an additional fee.

* Based on EPA’s Energy Star Program

All prices are in Canadian dollars. All specifications are subject to change without notice.
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