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Putting Zip Into CD-R/RW

Iomega, one of the last bastions of removable magnetic storage, has now announced plans to offer CD-R and CD-RW products.

The Demise of Low-Run CD Replication

CD duplication is quickly replacing replication for making not only a few, but now larger and larger runs of discs. In fact, CD duplication is becoming so reliable and attractive that low-run replication is now on the way to being doomed.

Questioning DVD Duplication

Thanks to inexpensive media, advances in high speed writing, broad based compatibility and the continuing move to just-in-time delivery, CD-R and CD-R duplication have ignited a revolution in the world of CD manufacturing and are poised to bring about the elimination of low run CD replication. However, is it fair to assume that DVD will [...]

MultiRead – The DVD Sequel

The Optical Storage Technology Association (OSTA) has undertaken a renewed effort to surpass its previous accomplishments in the hope of bringing some clarity to the DVD storage marketplace. I’m of course referring to the existing MultiRead specification for CD and OSTA’s desire to create a new MultiRead 2 specification designed to promote and facilitate compatibility [...]

CD-R/RW On the Go

Compact, lightweight portable CD-ROM drives that operate on the notebook’s or their own battery power and connect using a standard PCMCIA interface have been available for years. So why haven’t we had portable CD-R/RW drives?

Will 1999 Bring Success To CD-RW?

The latest and most outrageous prophecy made for the optical storage market is that 1999 will be the year of CD-ReWritable. But given its restricted functional realities, poor price potential, limited compatibility and existing indifferent market reception it’s hard to believe that anyone would trumpet such great expectations for CD-RW in the coming year.

CD-R’s Digital Destiny

Some aspire to greatness while others have greatness thrust upon them. Certainly, greatness appears to have been thrust upon CD-R, which started life humbly enough as an expensive prototyping system. Beginning almost in obscurity, it now is poised to be the dominant optical storage technology for the next five years. Where else can so much [...]

Why Set-Top DVD Needs to Read CD-R

It’s now been more than two years since I first talked about the need for DVD devices to read CD-R discs, but manufacturers of set-top DVD products still haven’t gotten the message.

Is Multi CD-R Too Late for the Party?

NEC and TEAC have fused Phase-Change Dual (PD) and CD-Recordable into a single hybrid device called Multi CD-R or CD-R Plus. A veritable Swiss Army Knife of optical storage, this new drive can read and rewrite PD media, read CD-ROMs at 20X CAV, and record CDs at double speed.

The Time is Right for MultiWrite

Isn’t it odd that with all the talk about the importance of DVD drives being able to read CD-Recordable and CD-ReWritable discs, no one has stopped to consider the desirability of DVD devices also being able to write these formats?

CD-R Printers, Media Makers, and the Writing on the Wall

With all of CD-R’s recent success, why is it, then, that disc printing still lags behind, in terms of technological growth, affordability, and installed base?

Running OPC: The Best Thing for CD-R, but What About DVD?

It’s hard to deny how far CD recorders have come in just a few years, but there are still particular features that set superior machines apart from the rest. The most notable of these is Running Optimum Power Control (OPC).

DVD: A Problem Ignored

Now just a darned minute! Wasn’t the new high-density DVD/DVD-ROM specification supposed to be backwards compatible? Wasn’t it implied that DVD drives could play existing CD-Recordable discs?