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Archive of posts filed under the Data Recovery category.

Kroll Ontrack Recovers Data from SSDs

Kroll Ontrack announced that it has developed various proprietary ways to successfully recover data from Solid-State Drives (SSDs).

MediaVise Kills Hard Drives Dead

Data Devices International announced that it now offers the MediaVise Hard Disk Drive Crusher ($9,950) from Phiston Technologies.

Walgreens Launches Digital Media Recovery Service

Walgreens announced that its new Media Recovery Service now available at more than 7,500 Walgreens Photo Centers nationwide, which offers retrieval of lost images and other files from memory cards and USB drives.

Walgreens Selects FlashFixers for Media Recovery Service

FlashFixers announced that it has been named as the solution provider for Walgreens new Media Recovery Service. According to the statement, the Media Recovery Service was created by Walgreens to offer its customers a simple, worry-free way to recover lost photos from digital media such as memory cards and USB flash drives.