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Amazon Fire TV Does 4K Ultra HD announced the next generation of its Fire TV, with support for 4K Ultra High-Definition (Ultra HD) video, and a new Fire TV Stick with voice remote.

Hisense Acquires Sharp America

Hisense International announced that it is purchasing Sharp Corporation’s TV factory in Mexico and the rights to use Sharp’s brand name and channel resources in North and South America.

Panasonic Readies AX900 and AX850 4K Ultra HDTVs

Panasonic announced that it will launch its 65-inch AX900 and 85-inch AX850 4K Ultra HD LED LCD TVs in the U.S. sometime next month.

DTS Goes Mobile with HiSilicon

DTS, Inc. announced that HiSilicon will integrate DTS-HD decoder and DTS Ultra Mobile audio technology into its K3V2 Application Processor family.

Google TV Goes With Marvell

Marvell announced the next generation of Google TVs debuting at CES 2012 will incorporate Marvell’s ARMADA-based Foresight Platform.

Changhong Integrates DTS into HDTVs

DTS, Inc. announced that it is working with Changhong Multimedia to integrate DTS audio technology into the company’s high-definition plasma and LCD televisions.

Marchon3D Launches Clip On 3D Glasses

Marchon3D announced its new 3D clip ons for those who wear prescription eyeglasses.

Netflix Adds New Titles for Canadian Members

Netflix, Inc. announced that it has signed licensing agreements with a number of content providers to add hundreds of new titles that Canadian Netflix members can watch instantly on their computers and TVs.

Boxee Launches New TED App

Boxee announced the availability of a TED App for Boxee users, available via Boxee’s free downloadable application and soon to be available to users of the Boxee Box by D-Link this November.

Pioneer BDR-205 Firmware Update

Pioneer Electronics has released new firmware for its current 12x BDR-205 and BDR-S05 Blu-ray Disc (BD) recorders.

Cineplex Goes Digital and 3D in Moose Jaw and Calgary

Cineplex Entertainment announced that it has installed digital and 3D projection systems at Galaxy Cinemas Moose Jaw, SK and Cineplex Odeon Eau Claire Market Calgary, AB.

DXG Releases 3D Pocket Camcorder and Media Player

DXG USA announced its DXG 3D pocket camcorder (DXG-5D7V) and 3D 7-inch media player bundle, allowing for filming and playback of 3D video and pictures. According to the statement, with the camcorder’s compact pistol-grip design and playback options, consumers can instantly view, record and playback 3D videos or photos directly on the 3.2-inch LCD camcorder [...]

Future Shop and Sony Canada Showcase 3D TV

Sony Canada announced that it teamed-up with Future Shop to to showcase its full suite of 3D products at a press conference and product demo session June 9, 2010 in downtown Toronto. According to the statement, on display were the latest Sony 3D BRAVIA TVs and 3D home theatre systems, which showed off two new [...]

RealVideo Used in 600 Million Devices

RealNetworks, Inc. announced that RealVideo has been shipped on more than 600 million mobile and consumer electronic devices worldwide. According to the statement, strong consumer demand makes RealVideo a requirement for consumer electronic products such as mobile phones, televisions, personal media players, mediaboxes, set-top boxes, DVD/HD players, smartbooks, netbooks, and tablets.

Panasonic Adds DivX Plus HD to 3D Blu-ray Players

DivX, Inc. and Panasonic announced that Panasonic will introduce DivX Plus HD playback technology in its next generation of 3D Blu-ray Disc (BD) players.