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CDSA Updates Content Protection Standard

The Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA) announced that it has released the annual update to its Content Protection Standard (CPS).

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CDSA Releases Annual Content Protection Standard Update (CDSA)

May 21, 2014 — The Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA) has released the annual update to its Content Protection Standard (CPS), offering enhancements meant to keep up with evolving digital supply chain security.

The CPS includes an updated mapping section (including a detailed comparison with the Motion Picture Association of America’s Best Practices, ISO 27001/2 and 31000) plus the new inclusion of Walt Disney Studios’ own standard).

CDSA’s CPS is being used to manage companies’ security programs at more than 100 entertainment content holders and supply chain partners worldwide. Peter Wallace, worldwide director of anti-piracy and content protection for CDSA, said the CPS standard takes the best practices from throughout the industry and “offers a program that is relevant to the supply chain for films, games, music and software.”

“With a variety of audit programs to choose from, media and entertainment executives look toward CDSA to provide a bespoke standard that ‘works’ for the realities of creating and distributing precious pre-release content,” Wallace said. “The mapping feature of our standard, which we introduced last year, has proven to be a valuable reference for security officers who are juggling multiple audits. And, of course, our increased emphasis on digital supply chain security is a natural extension of a rapidly evolving industry trend toward digital distribution.”

The standard’s expanded focus includes input from CDSA member companies including Deluxe Digital Studios, Walt Disney Studios, Universal Home Entertainment and Independent Security Evaluators. The CPS covers the entire supply chain, with digital media, post production and cloud/hosting being its fastest growing categories, according to a recent program review.

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