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CINEMA CRAFT and NetBlender Launch Blu-ray Bundle

CINEMA CRAFT and NetBlender announced a new professional Blu-ray Disc encoding and authoring system.

According to the statement, the new CC-HDe/a combines CINEMA CRAFT’s CC-HDe Encoder with NetBlender’s DoStudio Authoring software to target the high-end compression and authoring market.

“A comparable solution from other vendors would have cost more than $100,000 in license fees, required weeks in dedicated authoring training and would have meant lengthy production cycles. The CC-HDe/a solution from CINEMA CRAFT USA saves me more than 50% in upfront cost, delivers the fastest and most importantly, the highest quality AVC encoding for Blu-ray. And now, combined with the professional authoring features and ease-of-use DoStudio, this bundle really delivers the end-to-end package,” said Tony Laughton, CEO, PROMO SCAPE-Melbourne, Australia.

The CC-HDe/a is available exclusively through CINEMA CRAFT USA.

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