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Cinema Craft Encodes Blu-ray 3D

Custom Technology Corporation (CTC) announced that it has launched the MVC Beta Program for its Cinema Craft HD encoder (CC-3De), which adds MPEG-4 Multiview Video Coding (MVC) functions suitable for Blu-ray 3D title production.

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Unedited press release follows:

Custom Technology Unleashes Fast MVC Encoder for 3D Blu-ray

AUGSBURG, Germany, Sept. 27 — Custom Technology (CTC) today announced the launch of their MVC Beta Program for the CINEMA CRAFT® HD encoder (Ver 1.12), unveiled during the IBC 2010 Exhibition held recently in Amsterdam. Codenamed “CC-3De” this upgrade provides MVC (Multiview Video Coding) functionalities to this innovative and highly acclaimed product; trusted by leading Post Production houses world over for its reliability, accuracy and above all – speed.

All functions inherent to the AVC/H.264 encoder are integrated with toolsets specifically tailored for efficient MVC processing. Its GUI (Graphical User Interface) provides Compression Engineers unfettered access to File Property, Bit-budgeting, Encoder Presets, Filters, Quantization settings, plus an array of Quality Control functions and the means to achieve exceptional picture quality, demanded by today’s educated consumer.

“CC-3De encodes 23.976p Stereoscopic streams at near realtime speeds,” explained Miguel Clarke of CTC European distribution partners Silicon Philosophies. “It supports all the aspect ratios, frame rates and most important, generates files that are 3D-Spec compliant and compatible with the professional authoring tools currently in use.” Clarke further elaborated that, “It’s the only product available that can efficiently process the slew of 3D movies scheduled for Blu-ray release through the end of this year.”

Though most visitors found its GUI logical and intuitive, others voiced reservations about its speed. Clarke’s ensuing demonstrations removed their doubt and reinforced CC-3De’s ability to capitalize fully on available CPU resources, as the basis of its unprecedented performance.

During its 4-year existence, the CINEMA CRAFT® HD encoder has satisfied the most stringent encoding requirements of Authoring and Post Production houses. It out-performs all AVC/MVC encoding products and guarantees elementary streams (ES) that are 100% Blu-ray compliant; verifiable though BD/MVC Analyzers & Verifiers and compatible with Authoring applications, Muxing engines and Blu-ray players.

Participation in the MVC Beta Program can be organized through regional representatives.

About Custom Technology Corporation
Custom Technology (Japan) are manufacturers of CINEMA CRAFT® HD, Xtream, SP2, SP3 and MP encoders (CCX), as well as reneat + RSTs film restoration tools, considered the fastest, most stable and efficient available. Their products generate accurate MPEG2 and H.264/AVC streams, in both Standard and High Definition, essential for pristine picture quality DVD, Blu-ray disc and BD-Live.

About Silicon Philosophies
Silicon Philosophies (Germany) are exclusive European and Scandinavian Distributors for CINEMA CRAFT® HD encoders, providing sales and technical support to CCX customers. As System Integrators they provide specialized hardware, software and support services geared towards Video Post Production, Broadcast and Internet delivery.