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Cinram Rolling Out CDSA Program

Cinram International, Inc. announced the initiation of the CDSA Content Protection and Security certification process, which for over ten years has assisted content holders and their service providers in maintaining the most responsible practices and policies for secure handling of intellectual property for home video, music, video games and business software.

According to the statement, CDSA and Cinram will begin this comprehensive certification process this year at Cinram’s European operations.

“We believe that CDSA will provide an independent, industry-endorsed validation of the systems that we have already in place for the protection of our customers’ content,” says Kenny Aldridge, Cinram Corporate Compliance Officer.

Supported by major content holders including Universal Home Entertainment and Electronic Arts, CDSA’s latest Content Protection and Security (CPS) standards were developed by a worldwide consortium of anti-piracy and security experts to address the evolving needs of today’s physical and digital content delivery supply chains – from content creation to post production, replication through distribution. The CDSA standard is a result of over ten years of in-the-field development; its programs are administered by ISO 9001-trained, entertainment industry professionals in North America, Europe and Asia.

Linda Dyson, CDSA Worldwide Director of Anti-Piracy and Compliance Programs noted, “The secure handling and protection of intellectual property is the highest priority for the entertainment industry. Cinram’s pursuit of CDSA’s high standards in the Content Protection and Security certification program demonstrates its strong commitment to this crucial industry need. ”

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