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Coby Electronics Joins Electro-Federation Canada

Electro-Federation Canada announced that Coby Electronics has joined the organization’s Consumer Electronics Marketers of Canada Council (CEMC).

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Lifestyle Consumer Electronics Leader Coby Electronics Joins Electro-Federation Canada

Electro-Federation Canada is pleased to announce that Coby Electronics, the leader in consumer electronics products designed to complement the lifestyles of a broad base of consumers, is the newest member to join the Consumer Electronics Marketers of Canada Council (CEMC).

With its ongoing expansion into new product categories coupled with its history of producing high-quality CE products that deliver value for consumers, Coby Electronics joins an expanding CEMC roster of members banding together as the industry voice on legislative, regulatory and public policy initiatives.

The CEMC is a not-for-profit industry council representing leading consumer electronics manufacturers. CEMC members market a wide range of products, including televisions, HiFi and DVD players, home theatre systems, mobile electronics, camcorders, stand-alone projectors, telephones and radios.

“We are excited to have Coby Electronics join the CEMC council to maximize our voice in the consumer electronics sector,” said Jim Taggart, President & CEO at Electro-Federation Canada.

“With Coby Electronics experiencing rapid growth and significant expansion in its product offerings, they join the CEMC at both a critical and important time, as we work with our members on key initiatives impacting our industry,” said Susan Winter, Vice-President, CEMC.

“Coby Electronics is proud to be part of the CEMC and to contribute to the group’s important work that aims to positively impact the CE business and ensure its health and stimulate its growth now and in the years to come,” said Jodi Sally, Vice President of Marketing, Coby Electronics.

Electro-Federation Canada (EFC) is a national, not-for-profit industry association. Together, its seven councils represent over 300 member companies that manufacture, distribute and service electrical, electronics and telecommunications products; contributing over $50B to the Canadian economy and employing more than 130,000 workers in more than 1,400 facilities across Canada.

About Coby Electronics Corporation
Headquartered in Lake Success, New York, Coby Electronics Corporation is a leading supplier of quality consumer electronics products. Since its inception in 1991, Coby has risen through the ranks of the consumer electronics industry. Today, the company is redefining the way consumer electronics products are created, emerging as an industry leader in a challenging economy. With an understanding of its customers’ needs and desires, Coby has developed a strategy of maintaining a competitive cost structure in the industry without compromising the quality of its products. Within the past decade, Coby’s team of inventors, engineers and designers have earned a number of U.S. patents and design awards, with several additional patents pending. For more information, visit Coby Electronics and follow the company on Facebook and Twitter.