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Connect Blu-ray, PS3, Xbox 360 to 27-inch iMac

Kanex announced the details of its forthcoming iPlayback converter, which brings HD video and 2-channel audio from an HDMI source to Apple’s new iMac 27-inch.

According to the statement, iPlayback works with the iMac’s external display function, by converting HDMI signals to Mini DisplayPort format, to give users more options when working with external devices. For example, it is possible to connect a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or Blu-ray Disc player to enjoy games and view movies on the iMac’s 27-inch display. iPlayback is also compatible with Apple’s 24-inch Cinema Display (PC signals only). A Mini DisplayPort cable to connect the converter to the iMac is included.

iPlayback is scheduled to be released in early March will sell for $149.99.

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