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Consumer Awareness of 3D Growing

The Digital Entertainment Group (DEG) announced that, according to its research, consumer awareness of 3D-capable TVs and Blu-ray 3D players is rising dramatically.

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10 Blu-ray 3D Titles at Retail Today, Reaching Nearly 40 by End of Year

LOS ANGELES (November 16, 2010) – In celebration of Blu-ray 3D Day, Hollywood-based trade association DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group today announced several encouraging milestones for the emerging 3D format.

Since March, consumer awareness of 3D-capable TVs has risen to more than 80 percent, while awareness of Blu-ray 3D players has increased to almost 60 percent, according to research from the DEG, which represents the leading home entertainment industry content providers, consumer electronics manufacturers and IT companies.

Further, of the more than five million HDTVs expected to be sold between now and mid-January, 30 percent will be 3D capable. And the crossover between consumers intending to buy 3DTVs and Blu-ray 3D players shows that 80 percent of those customers would purchase a Blu-ray player, DEG research showed.

The DEG also cited data from UK-based FutureSource Consulting reporting that 3DTV sales in the U.S. are on track to represent 4.5 percent of all flat panels sold this year. This strong start is being echoed globally, with year one 3D adoption running at a faster rate than HDTVs in many territories, FutureSource said.

“The stars are aligning for home 3D this holiday season,” said Kris Brown, Vice President, Worldwide High Def Market Expansion, Warner Home Video and Chair, DEG 3D Working Group. “Now almost 40 Blu-ray 3D titles will be available at retail, either individually or in bundles and 3DTVs are selling at a faster pace than HDTVs in their debut period. With Blu-ray 3D players selling even better, it’s clear that retailers are making 3D hardware a doorbuster item for Black Friday.”

The DEG had previously announced that nearly 40 Blu-ray 3D titles hitting retail shelves by the end of the year, including 10 additional titles available, on Blu-ray 3D day. These titles are: A Christmas Carol (Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment), The Polar Express (Warner Home Video), Clash of the Titans (Warner Home Video), IMAX: Space Station (Warner Home Video), Open Season (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment) IMAX: Under the Sea (Warner Home Video), Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (Warner Home Video), IMAX: Deep Sea (Warner Home Video), The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Film in 3D (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment), and The Last Airbender (Paramount Home Entertainment). This along with a number of 3D broadcast channels and an estimated 25 upcoming 3D video games represents more than 1,000 hours of 3D programming that will be available over the next 12 months.

DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group is a Los Angeles-based, industry-funded nonprofit corporation that advocates and promotes the many consumer benefits associated with various home entertainment products, including both physical and digital media on a variety of platforms. The DEG helps provide information and perspective about the home entertainment industry. The DEG also offers a forum for member companies to engage in ongoing discussions concerning various opportunities related to promoting established categories, evaluating and discussing new entertainment platforms and investigating supply chain efficiencies.

The DEG membership is comprised of: A&E Television Networks, AGI Polymatrix, Akamai,, Anchor Bay Entertainment, Arvato Digital Services, Ascent Media/Blink Digital, Audionamix, Blockbuster, BluFocus, Capgemini, Cinram, Cryptography Research, Deloitte, Deluxe Digital, Direct Brands, Dolby Laboratories, DTS Entertainment, DV&A, ESPN, GDMX, HBO Home Entertainment, Image Entertainment, IMAX Corporation, JVC USA, LG Electronics, Lionsgate, MGM Home Entertainment, Microsoft, Mitsubishi Digital Electric America, MOD Systems, Monster Cable, Netflix, Nielsen Entertainment, Panasonic, Paramount Home Entertainment, Philips Electronics, Pioneer Electronics (USA), RCDB, RealD, Redbox, Rovi, Samsung, Savvis, ScreenPlay, Singulus Technologies, Sonic Solutions, Sony DADC, Sony Electronics, Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Summit Entertainment, Technicolor, Testronics, THX, Toshiba America Consumer Products, Trailer Park, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Universal Operations Group, Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Verance, Vivendi Entertainment, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment and Warner Home Video.