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Consumer Electronics Marketers of Canada Lobbies for HD Radio

The Consumer Electronics Marketers of Canada (CEMC) announced it continues to push regulators to allow HD Radio programming in Canada.

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HD Radio Programming in Canada

Consumer Electronics Marketers of Canada Lobby and Advocate Initiative

Toronto, ON, May 16, 2014– CEMC has been working for some time to lobby and advocate on behalf of Car Mobile Audio members who have long wanted HD Radio programming in Canada. Susan Winter, Vice President CEMC and a delegation from the CEMC Car Mobile members: Andrew Murphy and Frank D’Angelo, Pioneer and Francisco Lacey, Kenwood met with Barbara Motzney, Chief Consumer Officer and Executive Director, Consumer Affairs and Strategic Policy, Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), Martin Daigle, CRTC and Steven Harroun, Director General, Strategy at CRTC regarding the introduction of HD Radio in Canada.

CRTC engaged in a national Notice of Consultation in late 2013 to review HD Radio in Canada. CEMC provided a submission that is being reviewed in CRTC’s proceedings. CEMC also has been working with Industry Canada regarding HD Radio. Industry Canada has expressed its intent to hold a consultation through the Radio Advisory Board of Canada on HD Radio. Susan is Executive Vice President of RABC and will certainly actively promote such a consultation and be involved in one that is held as well as members of the CEMC Car Mobile Committee.

“HD Radio broadcasting brings a superior listening experience and a wealth of content for the Canadian listener” said Frank D’Angelo, Marketing Manager at Pioneer Electronics of Canada, Inc. “Should HD Radio programming become available in Canada, consumers will notice immediate benefit. For years, many Car aftermarket and OEM headunits have been ready to make the most of this technology which offers traffic information, weather updates and the Artist Experience®, to name a few.”

CEMC will ensure that members have a strong voice in the proceedings of CTRC, RABC and with Industry Canada. Further interventions will be required in the next month. The industry is seeking a solution to bring more value to consumers and improve their listening experience, including traffic and weather. HD Radio is available from aftermarket car audio suppliers at affordable prices and most, if not all, vehicle brands sold in North America now offer this feature.

About Electro-Federation Canada
Electro-Federation Canada (EFC) is a national, not-for-profit industry association. Together, its councils represent 300 member companies that manufacture, distribute and service electrical, electronics, and telecommunications products; contributing over $50B to the Canadian economy and employing more than 130,000 workers in more than 1,400 facilities across Canada.

About Consumer Electronics Marketers of Canada
The Consumer Electronics Marketers of Canada (CEMC), a division of Electro-Federation Canada is a not-for-profit industry council representing consumer electronics. The Communications Solutions Manufacturers Association (CSMA) represents IT and Telecom manufacturers. CEMC members represent a wide-range of products including products for audio, television, blu-ray/DVD Players, telephone, camcorders and mobile (car) electronics.