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Consumers Want Pay TV and Over-the-Top Video

In-Stat announced that consumers want their Internet TV. Already, 26% of U.S. consumer respondents report viewing Internet TV more than once per week. However, rather than a substitute for traditional pay TV services, consumers want Over-the-Top (OTT) Internet video to compliment traditional TV offerings.

According to the statement, recent In-Stat research also found:

* While PCs remain primary devices used for viewing Internet TV, consumers are increasingly using multiple devices.
* Consumers use a several devices to get Internet video to their TVs, including PC-based and dedicated media adapters, gaming consoles, Blu-ray Disc (BD) players and Internet-enabled TVs.
* At year end 2009, 24 million web-enabled devices were in operation in the U.S. This is expected to grow to 102 million by 2013.

“Consumers want the best of both worlds: Pay TV and OTT Video,” says Keith Nissen, In-Stat analyst. “Nearly 40% of consumer broadband household respondents want a combination of linear and on-demand TV, and nearly three quarters want to acquire all their video content from their pay TV operator.”

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