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Contour Launches 3D Eyewear Batteries

Contour Energy Systems, Inc. announced a new line of coin cell batteries aimed at the 3D TV active shutter eyewear market.

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Contour Energy Systems Lands Partnerships with Amazon, Fry’s, One Call and Petra for Its Next-Generation 3DTV Batteries

Company’s Long-Lasting 3DTV Coin Cells Now Available via Global Distributors in Innovative Value Packs for Holiday Buying Season

AZUSA, Calif.–Contour Energy Systems, Inc. an innovative portable power company commercializing next-generation battery systems, today announced the company’s high-performance 2025 and 2032 coin cells specifically designed for 3DTV active shutter glasses are commercially available through its newly established retail partnerships with Amazon, Fry’s Electronics and One Call as well as Consumer Electronics wholesaler Petra. With distribution coverage across North America and the United Kingdom, Contour’s 3DTV coin cell batteries are now available for the holiday buying season that is forecasting pent up consumer demand for 3DTV movies, programming content and gaming.

According to research conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association, there is already “relatively strong demand for 3DTV. Roughly 25 percent of U.S. online adults say they are interested in buying a 3DTV sometime within the next three years.” Based on these findings, over 3 million 3DTVs are forecast for potential purchase in 2010 in the U.S. alone. With 11 percent of U.S. online adults projected to purchase a 3DTV in 2011, potential sales are forecast to nearly triple to 8.25 million 3DTVs.

With two pairs of 3DTV glasses projected for each household that purchases a 3DTV, demand volume for accompanying coin cells and their ongoing replacements has the potential to reach tens of millions over the next three years.

“While the 3DTV market is in its nascent stage, portable power will play a significant role in the customer viewing experience,” said Vishal Sapru, Research Manager, North America, Energy & Power Systems, Frost & Sullivan. “A number of manufacturers are trying to position 3D televisions as a ‘glasses-free’ experience, but the reality is that the screen size formats for these early-stage monitors are far too small for prospective customers already accustomed to wide screen high-definition systems. That’s why active shutter 3DTV glasses will have a considerable shelf life until the viewing angles on 3D television sets improve considerably. Consequently, batteries with exceptional longevity will be essential to more widespread 3DTV adoption since consumers will rely on these accessories for optimal 3D viewing.”

Based on internal testing of its 2032 coin cell operating in Panasonic and Sony active shutter glasses, Contour’s batteries last up to 34 hours or 61 percent longer than other competing brands. Internal testing of the 2025 coin cells confirm that Contour batteries achieve up to 12 hours greater runtime than competing brands. For consumers, this translates into significantly longer viewing time for 3D movies, programming content and gaming.

“What makes Contour’s 3DTV coin cell batteries so attractive is their exceptional longevity compared to competing offerings,” said Ernie Petrus, Contour Energy Systems vice president of marketing, consumer division. “In addition, Contour has developed innovative value packs containing six high-performance coin cells that are designed from the ground up for 3DTV viewing. It’s an attractive selling proposition to early adopter customers investing in 3DTV, a technology that provides a breathtaking viewing experience. And for retailers, this represents a significant incremental revenue stream with exceptional margins.”

Contour’s 3D-TV coin cells can replace all 2025 and 2032 3-volt lithium batteries. Both coin cell lines are available in a re-closeable blister package containing six batteries for improved economies of scale and convenient storage. In addition, Contour’s 3DTV coin cells come in a preloaded, eye-catching compact display. The U.S. manufacturer’s suggested retail price for a six-pack of Contour 3DTV coin cell batteries is $14.99.

“Portable power solutions will play a pivotal role in the adoption of 3DTV technology,” said Eric Lind, vice president of business development with Contour Energy Systems. “Today’s consumers, especially early adopters, are far more educated about performance issues and are much more likely to pay attention to things like battery longevity. Uninterrupted entertainment is vital to the viewing experience. That’s why we believe Contour’s ‘Max Performance’ coin cells will be such a success in the market.”

About Contour Energy Systems
Contour Energy Systems is an innovative portable power company commercializing customizable battery technologies for a wide range of cross-industry applications. Contour’s next-generation battery systems are designed to deliver unprecedented improvements in energy and power density, and are capable of performing in extreme operating conditions at significantly improved costs. Founded through the collaboration of CalTech and CNRS, the French National Center for Scientific Research, the company combines expertise in nano-materials science, patented Fluorinetic™ technologies and proprietary manufacturing processes to significantly advance the state of portable power. Additionally, the company has recently licensed new cathode technology from MIT. Headquartered in Azusa, CA, Contour Energy is managed by a world-class team of battery industry leaders from CalTech, Energizer, Duracell, ConocoPhillips, Hewlett-Packard and Ultralife. The company is privately held with funding from CMEA Capital, Harris and Harris, Schlumberger and US Venture Partners.