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Court Denies Audiovox Motion Against MPEG LA’s Right to Audit

MPEG LA announced that the Supreme Court of the State of New York has denied a motion by Audiovox to renew/reargue MPEG LA’s motion for partial summary judgment, granting MPEG LA the right to audit Audiovox’s books in accordance with the terms of MPEG LA’s MPEG-2 and 1394 license agreements.

According to the statement, the Court rejected Audiovox’s motion based on the fact that the audit language in the license agreements is clear and not limited by the parties’ contractual dispute concerning what royalties are owed to MPEG LA. In December 2007 MPEG LA sued Audiovox, alleging that it breached its contractual obligations as a licensee of MPEG LA’s MPEG-2 and 1394 patent portfolios.

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