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Createasphere Expo Hosts Panel of 3D Experts

Createasphere announced that its Entertainment Technology Exposition in New York will present a panel of 3D experts on September 22, 2010 at the New Yorker Hotel.

According to the statement, the panel, “Are You Ready to Create in 3D? Not Tomorrow. Today.” is focused on real-world skills, tools and readiness to create 3D content.

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Unedited press release follows:

3D Experts Focus on Making Great Content for Growing Marketplace

Dynamic Gathering of Producers, Directors, Cinematographers and Equipment Experts set for Createasphere Entertainment Technology Expo

August 11, 2010 (Burbank, CA) Createasphere’s Entertainment Technology Exposition in New York, the entertainment and media industry’s showcase for previewing and learning about the latest trends and groundbreaking technology for the content creator, will present a panel of 3D experts including Dimitris Athos (UVPHACTORY), Geoff Boyle (Cinematographer), Chris Crescitelli, (HELLO! 3D, The Dream Factory, 3DFF), Jan Crittenden Livingston (Panasonic), Mark Pederson (Off Hollywood), Jerome Thelia (Merge), and Rob Willox (Sony) on September 22nd at the New Yorker Hotel. The panel, “Are You Ready to Create in 3D? Not Tomorrow. Today.” is focused on real-world skills, tools and readiness to create 3D content. Nick Dager (Digital Cinema Report, Indie3D) moderates the panel of recognized and working experts who will share artistic and technical insights. Createasphere’s Entertainment Technology Expo unfolds over two days, September 21st and 22nd, with education, panels, a sold-out trade show floor and extensive networking opportunities.

Even as debate swirls around 3D, there is little doubt that more and more projects are being planned and executed in 3D and that demand will not diminish, but in fact will boom, in the near-term. The panel will explore diverse topics including how to successfully execute artistic vision in 3D, the cinematographer and 3D, and building a viable 3D end-to-end workflow with successful post production. The discussion and analysis of the technical and pragmatic aspects of 3D including its budgetary implications will be tackled. This gathering of respected 3D experts are all at work on a wide variety of 3D projects, from features, music videos, shorts, spots and promos. 3D screenings of footage will accompany the panel. In addition to Mr. Athos, Mr. Thalia, and Mr. Crescitelli, the panel is rounded out with Off Hollywood’s Mark Pederson, Jan Crittenden Livingston from Panasonic and Sony’s Rob Willox, all experts in the tools and technologies that are propelling 3D into the mainstream.

Kristin Petrovich Kennedy, President of Createasphere, said, “With this varied and experienced group of panelists, our audience is definitely in for a rousing discussion and, I am certain, insights that can only come from working in the real world in 3D.” The 3D panel is just one presentation over the course of two days of quality panels, exhibition and education. RED, Alexa, Canon workshops, and intensives are all on tap along with a number of US product premieres.

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