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CVIA, DiiVA and WHDI Host First Developers Conference

The China Video Industry Association (CVIA), Digital Interactive Interface for Video & Audio (DiiVA) consortium and Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI) consortium announced that they joined together last week in Guangzhou, China, to host the first-ever WHDI and DiiVA Developers Conference.

According to the statement, drawing over 350 executives, product managers, developers and engineers from major consumer electronics manufacturers, the April 13th event centered on how these next-generation technology standards benefit consumers, provide manufacturers with a competitive advantage, and best practices for implementing WHDI and DiiVA technologies into CE devices.

WHDI is a standard for the wireless, multi-room distribution of HD (full 1080p/60Hz) video, enabling the ability to connect HD sources (STBs, Blu-ray players, PCs, mobile devices, game players, etc.) to TVs through-out and across the home. DiiVA is a wired consumer electronics (CE) home entertainment networking standard that combines the transmission of uncompressed video and audio with a high-speed, bi-directional data channel.

Featuring presentations from CVIA, DiiVA, WHDI as well as AMIMON and Synerchip, two of the companies providing key technology for these standards, the event focused on in-depth technical discussions and “how-to” implementations for these new technologies, as well as insights into market and business trends regarding the future of consumer electronics, DiiVA and WHDI.

“The goal of the CVIA is to help educate Chinese companies regarding the latest trends in the industry and to promote technical and economic cooperation between leading companies. This conference brings CE manufacturers together with the best wired and wireless HD video connection solutions,” said Mr. Hao Ya-Bin, Deputy Secretary of the CVIA. “In the end, these conferences and collaborations enable manufacturers to become market leaders and benefit consumers by providing better products.”

“This conference provides an excellent educational and training opportunity for companies looking to design and build CE devices with the highest-quality and most robust HD connection capabilities,” said, Brett Gaines, president of DiiVA Licensing LLC. “Consumers have shown a strong preference for HD video networking and connection solutions that enable them to connect CE devices in multiple rooms to create a true home entertainment network, and DiiVA is one of the key technologies enabling this vision.”

“As the momentum continues to build behind the WHDI standard we feel it’s important to meet and work directly with leading manufacturers to help them to easily create WHDI-enabled products and become part of the growing WHDI universe,” said Leslie Chard, president of WHDI LLC. “The conference allowed us to share ideas and to provide insights into the WHDI technical specifications and capabilities with executives, product planners, engineers and developers looking to develop WHDI-based products.”

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