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CyberLink Launches 3D Zone and 3D Guide

CyberLink Corp. announced the launch of 3D Zone on the CyberLink website offering consumers information on what they need to know to get ready for 3D video, Blu-ray 3D and setting up a 3D home theater.

According to the statement, 3D Zone also offers a free white paper, covering the principles of 3D video and Blu-ray 3D. 3D Zone begins with an introduction of how 3D works followed by popular 3D technologies available today and a guide to the hardware and software needed to enjoy 3D on a PC.

“2010 marks the beginning of the next wave in home entertainment, the era of 3D,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. “Thanks to the new 3D display and glasses technologies, and to the new Blu-ray 3D format, 3D movies are sharp, clear, and simply amazing. In fact, you can get a better 3D experience at home than you can in the theater. There are many ways that consumers can upgrade their PC or home theater system, and the 3D video experts want to make this exciting new technology easy to understand. 3D Zone is a single site that covers every topic that the home theater or PC enthusiast may be interested in. For anyone interested in understanding how 3D Video works, one of our experts has prepared a comprehensive white paper, the Principles of 3D Video and Blu-ray 3D.”

With the recent release of PowerDVD 10 Ultra 3D, consumers can already build 3D theaters on PCs. Despite the limited 3D movie titles available in the market today, PowerDVD 10 features TrueTheater 3D technology that converts existing 2D DVD titles into a 3D movie experience. With the proper hardware set up, consumers can enjoy 3D movies immediately. The Mark II release of PowerDVD 10 is scheduled for launch this summer, offering full support for Blu-ray 3D and 3D video file playback. The Mark II release will be made available as a free upgrade to existing PowerDVD 10 Ultra 3D owners.

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