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D-Tech USA CD and DVD Replication Plant Auction

Heritage Global Partners announced that it is conducting an online auction of CD and DVD replication equipment from D Tech USA , LLC of Plano, TX.

According to the statement, the auction will take place on August 18 and 19, 2010 with a two day preview August 16 and August 17, 2010.

Items to be auctioned from the 100,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility include:

• Nimbus Mastering DVD and CD Systems (qty 2)
• Singulus Spaceline ll DVD Mfg. Line with Nestel E-jet Presses and Inspection stations
• Singulus Spaceline DVD Mfg. Lines with Discjet Presses and Inspection stations (qty 2)
• Singulus Skyline CD Mfg. Line Mono Lines with Discjet Presses and inspection stations (qty 4)
• Speedline Integrated Dual Line CD Replicating Systems with presses and inspection stations (qty 3)
• Lamin CD/DVD 6 Color Offset Printing Machines 80mm and 120mm (qty 3)
• Gima CD 811 Piccola Packaging Machines, jewel case packaging, (qty 2)
• Gima CD 840 and CD 822 Wallet Case Packaging Machines (qty 1)
• Connair Franklin Dryer and Hoppers
• Kawata System D-100 Dryers
• Piovan CDN and CD 200 Dryers & Hoppers
• Film Screen And Prep rooms
• 200 sections of Pallet racking
• Overwrap, Packaging and Shrinkwrap Machines
• Various office and facilities equipment and furnishing

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