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Dataplay Becomes DaTARIUS Again

Dataplay GmbH announced that it has changed its name back to DaTARIUS GmbH.

For more information visit:

Unedited press release follows:

Dataplay change back to DaTARIUS

Dear business partners and friends!

“Dataplay GmbH changed the name to DaTARIUS GmbH”. DaTARIUS provides fast, reliable service and products as well as innovative solutions since 1985 to the optical media industry. Over 5800 Testers are installed at many different places around the world. After challenging years and reformations within DaTARIUS, the core DaTARIUS team is proud to have the company name “DaTARIUS GmbH” back.

Our new product line iDS, “instant Detection System”, got a lot of attention at the Mediatech show in Hamburg and very supportive statements in the past two months. First systems have been delivered in July 2011. “At the right time” to support the high season in the optical media industry. The iDS is the only system on the market which can play back DVD and Blu-ray movies by correlating it to a known defect area on the disc. The iDS is a cost-effective system for the early detection of defects on DVD’s and BD’s. The development of this new product was driven by the demand for cost reduction and increased efficiency in the production of Optical Media.

The new telephone- and fax number: tel. +43 (0) 676 848 391-0 fax +43 (0) 512 219 921 1132

Also our Hong Kong branch office did relocate to a new address at the 1st July, 2011.

The new address and contact information:

DaTARIUS Asia-Pacific
Futura Plaza, Room 2301, 23/F, 111-113 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong, HongKong 香港觀塘巧明街111-113號富利廣場23樓2301室
tel: +8652-25612008 – fax: +852-25618408 – (tel. & fax remain unchanged)

The eMail addresses of your contact persons still remain the same. More details under