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Deluxe Digital Studios Launches 3D Services

Deluxe Digital Studios Inc., a subsidiary of Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc., announced that it is launching a full range of 3D services for the home entertainment market.

According to the statement, already the industry’s largest provider of Blu-ray authoring services, Deluxe Digital Studios’ enhanced capabilities are specifically tailored to the 3D Blu-ray standard. Beginning in April, the studio will launch 3D Blu-ray production services with capacity ramping to four projects per month by the 4th quarter of 2010.

In support of the 3D Blu-ray launch, Deluxe’s workflow will incorporate a number of proprietary systems and technologies developed in-house as well as tools acquired from industry partners. “Many segments of the Blu-ray supply chain required a significant upgrade to support the complexities of the new 3D Blu-ray standard,” stated Todd Collart, SVP New Media of Deluxe Digital Studios. “Our internal research and development team finished several of these tools in 2009 and we’re completing the remaining development now. We’re ready to commence with production titles.”

Rob Seidel, EVP & GM, Deluxe Digital Studios said, “We are able to streamline the entire 3D Blu-ray supply chain for content owners, starting from the finished movie or television show and ending with fully approved 3D Blu-ray check discs and a project that is ready for mass replication and distribution. Our goal is to use our proprietary technology and workflow methods to ensure we can deliver the highest quality 3D projects in the shortest distribution windows for our clients.”

Standard services will include a range of new capabilities tailored to the 3D Blu-ray standard. This list will include the design of menus and bonus materials, creation of subtitles, compression of video, BD-J programming, authoring, AACS copy protection processing, check disc creation, and player compatibility testing.

Deluxe Digital Studios staffs more than 1,050 full-time employees and 2,600 language translators in support of its DVD, Blu-ray and digital distribution content services. The company’s monthly capacity exceeds 350 DVD, 150 Blu-ray and 1,000 digital distribution projects per month. Deluxe Digital Studios provides services to every major Hollywood studio.

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